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5 Tips to Save Money as a Driver


Driving is expensive. Many people need a car to get from A to B, but it is not usually the most cost-effective way to travel. Not only do you have to spend money on fuel, but you also have to insure your vehicle, get it serviced, and pay for parking, tolls, and cleaning. 

If you’re finding your motoring costs are skyrocketing, here are some simple money-saving tips to help you keep your expenses at a more manageable level.

Drive less

Sometimes driving is unavoidable, but what about those short trips where it’s really not necessary? Instead of driving two minutes down the road to the shops, why not get some exercise and take a walk instead? Perhaps you could bike to work one day a week or improve your workout by running to and from the gym. Take a good look at your vehicle usage and try to identify any areas where you could cut down. Another good option is to carpool with your colleagues or share the school run with other parents. This way, you’re helping other people to cut costs at the same time.

Be a better driver

Car users are rewarded for being good drivers. Avoiding accidents and motoring offenses will prevent you from having to fork out for repairs, and it will also lower your insurance premiums. Speeding tickets and parking fines will also set you back, so make sure everything you do is above board. Stick to the speed limit, be considerate of other drivers, and obey the law. If you are not a confident driver, consider taking an advanced course to improve your skills. If you genuinely feel you have an unjust traffic ticket, you can avoid paying fines by contesting it on Ticket Bust.

Check your tire pressure

It might cost you a handful of loose change to pump your tires up at the gas station, but it might just save you a lot of money on fuel. A tire that is under-inflated by only 15 psi can use 6% more fuel. By inflating them the recommended amount, you could gain an extra 26 miles from a 60-gallon tank of fuel. These costs add up, so check your tires regularly, especially before a long drive.

Find the cheapest fuel

Most people don’t pay much attention to fuel prices, but the cost savings can make a huge difference over time. Get to know the petrol stations in your area and make a note of the changing prices. If you observe a significant drop in cost one day, that might be a good time to refill your tank. Some supermarkets and gas stations also offer loyalty points on fuel, which can save you money if you keep coming back.

Learn basic car maintenance

If you’re not a technically-minded driver, the obvious thing to do when you have car troubles is to take it into a mechanic. But there’s a good chance you might be able to save money by fixing the problem yourself with a little instruction. YouTube is a fantastic resource for learning new skills. Whatever your issue, there is probably a video explaining how to resolve it. 

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