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The Bigger The Blog The Better!

Whatever you intentions for starting up a blog, it’s always going to get bigger and bigger. We don’t necessarily have to be talking about your following here, or the amount of times that you post a week, or what you post about. Because for a blog to get bigger, all you have to do is keep posting something. But what you might not realize is that the more you post, the more the limelight will come towards you. That is of course, if you want it to. You could ignore all social media, and just use your blog as a way to have an outlet. Somewhere that you can turn to to write anything about your life, knowing that it doesn’t matter who reads it, as long as someone reads it. But to get people reading your blog outside of your close circle, you most definitely do need to focus on social media and the power that it holds. Because we definitely do think that the bigger your blog goes, the better it’s going to be for you. So many opportunities are available out there to bloggers, you just have to know how to reach out and grab them. So, if you’re hoping for your blog to get bigger and better, have a read on to find out more.

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Why Go Big?

So, you might be wondering why you would want to ever make your blog so big, if you’re doing fine as you are at the minute. If your intentions for your blog in the beginning were just to have a space where you could tell your story about life, then it’s absolutely what you can do. But if you take your blog bigger step by step, there’s so many great things that can happen to you. Now, it all depends on what you’re blogging about. For example, if you were to blog about health and fitness, you could get sponsorships from all of the companies that you love. All you have to do is blog about your success and journey whilst wearing or using their products, and you could have an endless supply of free things. If you were to be a beauty blogger, the same would apply here. Even if you’re not getting sponsored, you could still recieve free gifts in return for writing a review. That can all happen even when you’re just a few months into blogging, so imagine what could happen when you’re a year or so in. Those free gifts could turn into money, and you could find yourself running a nice little business through your blog.

We also think you should go big because it turns into a hobby that you can stand by. Sometimes life can become so repetitive and boring, and we really do feel that blogging is a way out of that. It gives you something different to do, and something that you actually will enjoy doing. When you just need to escape from reality for a little while, you can focus on writing a new post for your blog, or taking some pictures for a post you’ve recently wrote. This hobby can then lead you to make friends in the ‘real world’. Because you will find that you do get wrapped up in the blogging world. It’s a virtual community that feels like it is right in front of you, and blogging can sometimes become a little reality. But just because you’re making these friends from behind a computer screen, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to meet them in person. You could easily go to one of the blogger meet ups, where a big group of you meet for a reason. Or you could ask to meet one of the bloggers personally that you feel like you’re getting close to. Those virtual friends can become real friends if you want them to!

The Starting Blocks

Blogging is easy enough to do. It’s all about going with the flow, and if you were ever stuck for anything, you can find thousands of blogs on the internet to give you guidance. Whether that be for the posts you should be doing, or how you should be setting up your blog. But we think one good starting block is to definitely make sure that you have a good theme. These don’t cost too much from the internet, and they’re well worth the money you’re paying for. You could even reach out to an Australian web designer to create personalized and unique themes or illustrations to make your blog stand out. Then, you need to think about the categories that you want to write about, but also what ones will attract the most attention. You generally find that people love beauty, fitness, food, and lifestyle blogs. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t add other random ones in that you have a passion for. It is your blog after all! Then, for when you start getting a little bigger as a blog, which you will, you could think about IT Support companies that can help you out with any problems you might have. A blog becomes a big thing, and you’ll have so many documents and information that you’ll have to store. So even if it is just you trying to get some cloud storage solutions from them, we know you’re going to need them.

Useful Tools

Being creative and actually creating content is only a part of a successful blog. There are a lot of elements that go on behind the scenes. When you first create your blog, you will need to choose a platform where you can actually upload your content. WordPress is a popular platform for beginners that is used by many bloggers as it’s pretty easy to use and it comes with a lot of features that you may not know about, like web hosting. Without a web host, your blog will not be visible or accessible on the internet, and what’s the point of a blog if no one can see it? Some bloggers choose to create their own platforms and find their own affordable web hosts, like the www.lcwsoft.com hosting services and create a blogging space that works well for them. There are lots of web hosting services to choose from so remember to do your research by taking a look at resources such as this Arvixe comparison, to ensure you find the web hosting solution that will give the support you are looking for. Additionally, you may also need to invest in a virtual private network (VPN) to ensure that your blog is safe and you can work on it from different locations.

You Have To Love Social Media

Where would you be without social media? It’s the one thing that you just have to focus on if you want your blog to be something on the internet. If you don’t use it, your blog will most likely be nothing more than a spec on the internet that only your friends and your family know about. Social media gets you the exposure you need for your blog to grow. The main ones that people use are Twitter and Instagram, with Twitter being the main platform for promotion. You wouldn’t believe how many bloggers you will find here, and we definitely recommend that you do try and find some. Because they can so easily carry you through a couple of ranks. You need to make sure you’re commenting on other bloggers posts that you generally have an interest in, and find yourself some blogging friends early on. It will make the transition into this crazy blogging world easier, and they can give you all the hints and tips you need on how to work social media.

You have To Love Other Bloggers

So, now we move swiftly on to how you have to love other bloggers. You’ve got your top tier bloggers, middle tier, and bottom tier. The top tier of bloggers are the ones that you’re aspiring to be, but perhaps don’t know how to be like! The middle tier is where the majority of the bloggers sit. Their blogs are established, but not enough so that they can make a hell of a lot of money from it, like the top tier bloggers are doing, And the bottom tier bloggers are either all the newbies, or the ones that aren’t using social media. You need to make sure you’re trying to get in the middle tier early on, and the best way to do that is to make plenty of blogging friends. Interact with everyone you can, and genuinely start a friendship with them!

The Places It Can Take You

If you were to become a professional blogger, there is a number of places it could take you. You could travel around your own country on the blogger meets, or you could even go abroad if you were a travel blog as well! You just have to be open minded and try everything.


  • Nancy

    Good information. I am working on getting a blog up now. I have had some help from several people. Still have a couple steps to go but I am hoping to be ready early next year.

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