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Betting Tips For The NBA Season

The National Basketball Association is rapidly approaching, and that means we are getting closer to having some of the best athletes in the world running up and down the court to see which team will win the title. However, it is important when betting on these games that we have some ways to understand how we can make some money and continue making withdrawals, not deposits. 

Today we are going to discuss some critical betting tips for the NBA season. One way to have a bigger bankroll heading into the NBA season is to make sure you have some solid NFL predictions before the NBA season even tips off. 

Understanding Schedule Advantages and Disadvantages

The NBA has done a good job of reducing the number of back-to-back games and making sure that the players are recovering. In the 2022-23 season, teams will average 13.5 back-to-back games during the season. Those games make up a little under 20 percent of the regular season, and making sure we have the data behind us to make sure we bet this right is critical.

One little scheduling quirk that we have seen come around in the last handful of years has been the addition of back-to-backs against the same opponent. There are 23 different times in this upcoming season when these will happen. 

When diving into last season’s numbers, there was a trend that happened as teams that lost the first game of those back-to-backs against the same opponent would cover at a high rate as they were 27-14-12 against the spread or hitting at a 66 percent clip. 

That is something a smart NBA bettor will keep in the back of their minds or even write down so they know to attack those matchups, and it makes sense when you think about it. The teams get to know each other’s tendencies, and it is difficult to fool someone two days in a row guarding them. 

Make Sure You Know What’s Going On

Some NFL expert picks do not always contain the same information, but the NBA has been at the forefront of making sure players are competing at 100 percent, and that is where the term “load management” has come into play. Resting players has a huge impact on an individual game, obviously and is important to know heading into a bet. Having a grasp on a team’s beat reporters as well as the national reporters can help you understand this and potentially get an advantage. 

One example was towards the end of the regular season with the New Orleans Pelicans. They listed all their stars on the injury report and did not play except one player: CJ McCollum. Someone tweeted at him and asked why that was, and he responded, “I will be playing a few minutes tonight before heading to the bench to watch the young guys hoop. Don’t take me in your parlays tonight,” and that helped bettors. 

For about 90 seconds after that tweet was posted, people ran to take all the unders on McCollum prop bets to get as sure-fire of bets as possible. This happens with injuries, and things of that sort, so make sure you look at that before placing any bets on the sport.

Keep Track of Your Bets Throughout the Season

A good way to start practicing tracking your NBA bets would be to begin tracking your NFL picks. This is something that successful sports bettors do. They will make sure that you understand, and with something like a Google Sheet or just written down where you can track every NBA bet you make, this can help you figure things out. 

Maybe you are only hitting on 30 percent of your total bets but have done extremely well at hitting on player prop bets. If you keep track of those types of things, you will know what to bet on going forward and what to avoid. 


There are a bunch of other tips to keep in mind, but these are some of the more critical and impactful ones that you should keep in mind. What betting tips do you use when getting ready to place an NBA bet?

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