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How To Get What You Truly Deserve

Image by Denise Husted from Pixabay

How often do you notice that its the worst employees that get promoted and the best employees overlooked? Do the lazy and incompetent co-workers somehow manage to keep their jobs when better employees are fired? Do you ever think that you deserve more? It’s a tough question and one that will be met with a load of different answers. Even if you Google this question, you’ll find things like ‘you deserve the best of everything, but on the other hand, you can find whole articles on how exactly what you have right now is what you deserve because that’s what you’ve chosen. In some ways, that can be true, but of course, if you’re suffering from an illness, then there’s no reason that you deserve that, or it’s your fault. 

However, there are some things that you might not take responsibility for, but you should. For example, did you ask for a promotion, or were you just sat quietly hoping someone would offer you one? Are you trying to lose weight, or are you merely hoping you can eat what you want and not get any bigger? Are you fighting for what’s right and for what you deserve? Have you hired the toughest wage theft attorneys in town to get you what you’re owed, or are you just wallowing about a situation and feeling sorry for yourself? 

Whatever your situation, you do deserve whatever it is you want, be it love, money, happiness, or health. But you might have to be a little more proactive to get it, so how can you get what you truly deserve?

Be awesome

Be as awesome as possible as much as you can. Go to work and be the best you can every day. Of course, there will be days that go by where you do work, but you aren’t putting your heart in it, and that’s okay. But imagine how life would look if you were just awesome all the time. It would look pretty awesome, right? So why not give it a try. 

Do your best and forget the rest

Working harder leads to burnout, not success. So do your best and forget the rest. It’s all you can do. Be awesome for you, but also give yourself a break.

Ask for what you want

Stop working hard and then waiting for someone to reward you for it. People who ask for what they want are the people who usually get what they want. This includes asking to be considered for opportunities, asking for a pay rise, and asking a potential client to work with you.

Have big desires

And while we’re talking about asking for what you want, go ahead and have big ambitions. Allow yourself to want more, without your brain thinking logically and shutting you down with all the reasons you can’t have what you want. Go ahead and want more, and want big!

Believe in yourself

To get what you deserve, and you deserve good things, you have to believe in yourself. Believe that you deserve good things. Believe you can have good things. Believe in yourself.

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