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What are the best sources of protein while you’re dieting?

Weight loss is definitely one of the major concerns when it comes to health problems of the masses. However, what makes it really worse is the long list of misconceptions people have about health management and the same goes for dieting. Most people start dieting with either no prior knowledge or with a number of misconceptions in their heads. Protein intake during the process of dieting is supposed to be something that should be majorly focused on as it deals with the satisfactory feel that dieting brings along with managing the weight loss. This is exactly why this article focuses on letting you know some of the best sources of protein, especially if you are following a vegan diet, that you can rely on during your dieting. So without any further delay, let’s get started.

1. Spinach: Emphasis on spinach intake is not only because of its rich protein content but also because of the fact that it is known to have vitamins A and C along with containing an abundant amount of antioxidants. With a relatively low-calorie count, this green vegetable is something that can do wonders for you because of its rich nutritional value. Make sure to boil it before you consume rather than eating it raw as the boiled form is digested easier and the healthy nutrients are successfully retained.

2. Sun-dried tomatoes: Apart from being really nice on the taste buds, sun-dried tomatoes are something that can be a complete source of protein, fiber, potassium as well as some vital vitamins. The best thing about them is the presence of Lycopene which is an antioxidant known for its amazing health benefits. Lycopene can also be helpful in reducing the risk of several cancer types including bladder, lung, prostate, skin as well as stomach cancer. So it can be simply concluded that sun-dried tomatoes are going to be proven really fancy toppings for your pizza along with fulfilling your protein requirement.

3. Peas: Peas are not only delicious but also very healthy when it comes to looking at the protein content they possess. The fact that peas contain about 8 times the protein present in the same amount of spinach, it becomes quite easy to understand why you shouldn’t be missing them in your diet. Apart from this, peas are known to be extremely rich in Vitamin C so this way it really seems to be a win-win situation for you.

4. Lentils: Lentils aren’t technically a vegetable. They are actually a pulse, found in the legume family. But you won’t find a better option when it comes to an inexpensive, readily available, vegetarian-friendly protein. Bonus: Dry lentils cook up in only 15 minutes!

5. Broccoli: There’s a reason your parents always told you to eat your little green trees. In addition to protein, broccoli offers filling fiber, vitamins K and C, and more.

While you can include these foods in your meal during dieting, it’s also a wise option to opt for protein powders if your body requirement is such. 


  • LaKisha Riddick

    This was great information. I’m on a journey of transformation and am learning how to eat healthier. Thanks for sharing!

  • Deborah D

    Thank you for this timely post. I am currently trying to lose weight for a surgery that I want to have in the fall. This definitely will help.

  • Ronald Gagnon

    Wow..thank you …I am trying to lose weight..love salmon and spinach..but never knew their great effects

  • gloria patterson

    I knew about most of these products except the peas which I only like if they are raw. And Sun-dried tomatoes blows my mind I love these them. Not always sure how to use them but I am leaning.

  • Kimberly Callaway

    Thanks for sharing some more foods that have protein in them. I know we need protein every day and I know I do not get enough, but should. Appreciate the info.

  • ellen beck

    I wasnt aware peas was much of a source although it does make sense. I always go for powders to add to other things. It is quick and easy. The only drawback is so many have so much sugar.

  • Lauryn R

    This was such a helpful post, I did not know about some of these! I think that eggs is probably the only one that I knew about. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

  • June S.

    (“WHAT ARE THE BEST SOURCES OF PROTEIN WHILE YOU’RE DIETING?”) Great article to read about when dieting and getting the right amount of proteins in your diet every day.

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