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5 Small Ways You Can Treat Yourself

There’s no other better time to treat yourself than now. With all the changes that are happening all over the world, it’s understandable that people are under so much pressure. If you’re one of those who also had to shift to a work-from-home arrangement on top of handling your kids’ homeschooling, all the responsibilities can get overwhelming. Chances are, you may end the day feeling so drained that you just find it hard to be happy, calm, and peaceful.

Don’t let it reach the point that you won’t have time for yourself. It’s not a selfish choice to give yourself some love and to treat yourself from time-to-time. When you take care of yourself, you become happier and also in turn become a positive person, radiating love and sunshine to those around you.

The following tips to treat yourself can come in handy especially on instances when the days can get tough and stressful:

1. Go on A Walk

During your office break, rather than sit and gossip around the office or fiddle around on social media, get up and take a 30-minute walk around the area. You can do this around your neighborhood if you work from home, or around the office premises if you’re still reporting to work on a physical setup.

Walking allows you to think things through, appreciate nature and the scenery around you, and basically be attuned with yourself. Even better yet, you’re also able to give yourself a good and healthy simple cardio exercise.

2. Soak in the Tub

If you have a tub at home, soak in it at least once a week if you can. You can prepare a glass of wine and a mini biscuit or charcuterie board, along with a good book you’ve been dying to finish.

If you’ve got kids, chill out on the rules a bit. Play their favorite movie on the TV and prepare their favorite snacks beforehand, so you’re sure to have this undisturbed bath. This is the perfect time for you to slather on your favorite bath products, and perhaps even light a few scented candles.

3. Set Aside Money for Yourself

Once all the bills and other expenses are paid, set aside money for yourself every payday. This doesn’t have to be a significant amount. Just set aside a few dollars, intended for your self-care. That way, whenever you feel like buying something, you’ve got enough to cover for yourself. You can treat yourself whenever and wherever you want (of course for as long as the budget fits).

For instance, you’ve got a few spare changes from your milk tea, coffee, or licorice candy for sale and any other treat you enjoy while you’re on your grocery run. You can buy the dress that you love and you’ve long wanted to have. For as long as it isn’t excessive and it doesn’t put you in debt, there’s no shame in spoiling yourself sometimes.

4. Learn A New Craft

You don’t have to be that person who is the master of any arts and crafts for you to learn a new craft. There’s always time and beauty to learn something new. This is also a form of self-love, which might turn out to be something you enjoy doing. It can also be a new hobby such as knitting or gardening.

Presents your brain with something new. This newly found habit will break you out from your dreading routine. Then, when you look at your creation, it also gives you that new-found sense of accomplishment. If this is something you haven’t felt in so long, then it’s another small but significant way to give yourself that better love and treatment.

Here are other convincing reasons why you should take on a new craft:

*It’s a new-found way to make time for yourself;

*It gives you a break from technology, which can sometimes add to the mental exhaustion;

*It’s something fun – even if you’re still a beginner.

5. Watch Funny Videos

If you do have to fidget through your cellphone, do it for some positive interaction. Rather than get yourself busy minding the lives of others on social media, go on YouTube and watch funny videos! Laughter is the best medicine, and there’s so much truth to this.

It’s a great way to reduce tension and to relieve yourself from the stress of your long day. Get ready to have a good laugh, so you can enjoy the benefits such as:

*It lowers blood pressure;

*It reduces stress hormone level;

*It may improve cardiac health.


No matter how hard and stressful the days may be, you can always leave some room for a change in routine. You’re not a robot that has to abide by rules and routines every single day. Once you feel that all of your responsibilities are draining you out, take a break. Love yourself, and give yourself that much-deserved self-care and treat. You don’t have to wait for another person to do it for you. More so, the tips above will show that self-care and love can be done anytime and anywhere – it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.


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