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How to Use Technology to Simplify, Not Complicate Your Life

When you were growing up, your folks probably noted their various appointments on a wall calendar they got for free from their bank, they jotted down what they needed from the grocery store on a piece of scrap paper and when they needed to deposit a check at the aforementioned bank, they drove there to do it during business hours.

To say that technology has changed the way we do these tasks and many more is an understatement. Thanks to myriad apps, programs and other tools, we are now able to simplify pretty much everything we do. However, these tools can also be proverbial “time sucks.” In some cases, the same advanced tech can make the easiest task more complicated and awkward than necessary. With this in mind, let’s take a look at practical ways to use technology to be more, not less, productive and truly simplify our lives.

First, Decide Where You Need Help

Rather than download every app and program that you might use someday, focus on identifying the areas where you really need help. For instance, if you are adept at running into the supermarket to grab a few things for dinner, you may not need a complicated app that stores info on every item in the store and allows you to create a shopping list. However, if you would rather have your To Do list on your smartphone than on a zillion sticky notes all over the house, an app like EverNote might be just the thing for you.

Second, Improve the Tech You Already Have

Chances are good that you use a smartphone every day for everything from checking your bank balance and stock portfolio to texting friends and taking photos. To enable your smartphone and other mobile devices to work smarter for you, consider upgrading to one that features artificial intelligence. For example, the Qualcomm Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform is designed to help devices work better and more efficiently by adapting to you and what you typically do. Thanks to AI, the smartphone you use every day will be even more productive, which can help streamline your life and help you feel more organized.

Third, Find Tech that Will Automate Your Life

If you find yourself groaning every month when your bills are due, or you are tired of making a daily To Do list that includes many of the same tasks, it might be time to look into apps and other programs that will do this work for you. Your bank may offer a free Bill Pay service that will automatically pay your car payment, electric bill, mortgage and more — as a bonus, your bills will always be on time and you will save on stamps. If your To Do lists are driving you crazy, try downloading an app like MyLifeOrganized that will automatically generate To Do lists, including adding priority actions that need your immediate attention — this will help you to track your progress and get through your list more efficiently.

While tech, when used appropriately, can definitely help you to be more productive, it is also important to remember that having nice chunks of time to work uninterrupted is the best way to get things done. So ditch as many complicated programs as you can, focus on the few that will help you, and put your nose to the grindstone like the organization pro you are.

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