6 Things You Can Do to Live Longer

No matter your age, it is important to think about how you can proactively improve your health and give back to yourself by instituting habits that will make you live longer. There is no magic pill or magic diet in order to make you live longer; instead, you must adopt a few different lifestyle changes in order to extend your life. 

Living a longer life is not only a benefit to you, but a benefit to family members who would like to see you live longer, and to your children or future children. If you want to learn how to extend your life, here are six things you can add to your everyday routine.

1. Get Enough Exercise

Getting your body moving, your blood pumping, and keeping your heart healthy through exercise is one of the top tips for living a longer, healthier life. Exercise can not only reduce body weight, but it can also lower stress levels and limits risk factors associated with different cardiovascular, lung, and other illnesses

Having an exercise routine can also add far more structure to your life and will help with your mental health. Exercise the way you enjoy, whether it be at a gym, in a class, or at home alone. 

2. Watch Your Weight

Being overweight or obese can up your chances of developing chronic disease, suffering a heart attack, and can overall taint your good health. Consider a caloric restriction or seeing a nutritionist in order to undergo weight loss and weight maintenance so that you can reduce these risks. 

Sometimes it can be helpful to add in a supplement that specifically works with weight management, such as Calerie Life Span‘s Lifespan supplement. This supplement increases your longevity overall and gives your metabolism a boost. 

3. Don’t Smoke, or Quit Smoking

Smoking increases your risk for many, many diseases and disorders, and can shorten your life by at least ten years. If you are a smoker, you should definitely start getting help to quit as soon as possible if you want to increase your life span. 

Quitting is hard, but there are many resources and methods you can use to get help and to support your journey towards being cigarette free. If you already don’t smoke, remember the best advice you can get, “Just say no.”

4. Get Enough Sleep Every Night

It can be hard at times to make sure you are getting enough sleep, but it is integral to your overall health, especially if you want to increase your longevity on this planet. Research shows that getting less than five hours of z’s per night puts you at a host of risks for bigger health issues, in addition to shortening your life. 

By the same token, sleeping too much is a sign of depression, and can shorten your life as well. Finding a healthy balance with sleep, as with all things, is extremely important.

5. Address Any Unhealthy Addictions

Struggling with addiction can put your life span in jeopardy, so you should make haste in trying to address these issues when you can. It can be a steep mental barrier to overcome, but checking into private drug rehab to address your drug use issues is the first step in the road to recovery. 

Substance use disorder is a real threat to your health and to the stability of your life and family. Rehab may seem stigmatized, but there is absolutely no shame in exploring treatment options for substance abuse. Finding the right treatment program for you will get you on the road to having a longer life. 

6. Manage Your Stress Well

Managing stress is key to bettering your mental health, which in turn is key to reducing your risk for stress and cortisol-related health issues, such as heart disease and digestive problems. Seeing a therapist, taking up a new hobby, or getting outside can help you reduce stress.

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  • Tamra Phelps

    Well, the saying is ‘everybody wants to live as long as they can and die when they can’t help it.’ I’d say my worst thing is not getting enough sleep. I just have always had trouble sleeping.

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