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Trump On And Off Stage: 11 Astonishing Facts About United States’ 45th President

The 45th United States president, Donald Trump or also known as Donald John Trump, was known as a businessman and a real-estate developer. Trump owns and manages casinos, resorts, multiple hotel properties, and even golf courses within the New York City area and various places from different parts of the world.  

Donal Trump loves to be in the spotlight. In fact, he personally turned his name into a brand. This is how self-love works for him. He should be the leading star at all costs. This doesn’t end the list of interesting and unbelievable facts you should know about this President. We have gathered this list of Trump’s facts that will surely make your jaw drop.  

He’s A Partly Owned Miss Universe Competition

Being a huge fan of the Miss Universe competition, this is one of the fascinating Donald Trump facts you should know. Trump used to own the beauty contest. He decided to sell it to WME / IMG in the year 2015. He set out to revive the competition, which he asserted had missed its gleam. Trump felt that the candidates were not attractive anymore. He said that the former owners preferred intellectual ability over physical attributes. 

Married Three Times

If you think that Trump is a romantically active president, you get it right. Trump was actually married three times, making people speak about him more. He first made his vows to Ivana Zelnickova, and their marriage lasted from 1977-1991. 

After their divorce, Trump, for the second time around, was married to Marla Maples in 1993 but eventually shocked people with their breakup in 1999. After these two, Trump finally found the greatest love of his life. The red string kept them married from 2005 until today. 

John G. Trump’s Nephew

Donald Trump is John G. Trump’s nephew. John is a famous educator at Massachusetts Institute Of Technology. When the renowned investor, Nikola Tesla died in 1943, the FBI allowed the professor to investigate his left equipment and papers. 

It Was Originally Drumpf Or Drumpft

Did you know that this remarkable US president is not supposed to be known as Trump? His original family name was Drumpf or Drumpft. The name was modified into Trump when the thirty years of war took place in the 1600s. 

Had Three Political Affiliations 

Donald Trump has had three political allegiances. From 1987 to 2009, Trump was Democratic; Independent that only lasted for two years, 2011 to 2012, and today, Trump registered as a Republican after winning a number of the committed delegates. 

He Doesn’t Drink Nor Smoke

At the age of 42, Fred died on September 26, 1981, due to a heart attack. The death of his dearest older brother, Fred Jr., made Trump avoid these vices. He doesn’t drink nor smoke. This makes him an ideal president to some of his supporters.

Filed For Bankruptcy

While Trump has never claimed for personal bankruptcy, casino and hotel industries have filed for bankruptcy six times around 1991 and 2009 because of his inability to make the necessary fees and re-negotiate stock and bond owners, debt with lenders, and numerous small companies. 

Managed Donald J. Trump Foundation

This was a private foundation based on New York established by Trump and existed from 1988 until its ordered termination in the year 2019. Trump set up a fund to donate the money raised from his book Trump: The Bargain’s Art to Charitable Causes. However, in 2008, Trump discontinued contributing personal funds to the foundation. 

An Executive Producer Of The Apprentice Show

President Donald Trump will remain an executive producer for the upcoming season hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger, The Apprentice, despite being fired as a leading show’s host. The MGM production studio confirmed it. Additionally, Trump has a cut in the profits of the popular show. 

He Refers Himself As A Presbyterian

The religious faith of his parents most likely influenced Trump. Trump’s history and culture are both European and Protestant. His father had come from Germany’s Lutheran stock.  We wouldn’t know how devout his father’s family was, but his father has been faithful to the chapel all his life. At the same time, his mother came from the extremely religious places of Scotland. Those places are known for incorporating the Presbyterian faith even until today. 

The United States’ 45th President

Trump becomes the United States’ 45th President. He claimed that the US has enormous potential and will continue to surpass even its significant success in the past. “Make America Great Again” is Trump’s slogan for the campaign, and thousands of his supporters believed that he’s now doing it. 


Without a doubt, the United States’ President, Donald Trump, marks history. He is one of the most talked about Presidents globally due to his distinct perspective and personal characteristics. There are still hundreds of facts you haven’t probably known about, and for sure, the facts mentioned above already blow your mind.