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How to Resolve Car Windshield Damage

You are driving down the highway and as a vehicle passes you, a tiny stone is flicked up. As it impacts your windscreen it causes a chip on the glass.

When this happens to most people, they do one of two things. They either act fast to get the damage repaired, or do nothing at all.

Little do they know, leaving such damage unrepaired can have devastating consequences.

While the damage may not be large now, even the smallest crack can quickly spread from either vibrations in the vehicle as you continue to drive, or temperature fluctuations during the day or night.

Also with the glass damaged it’s strength and as such safety features are nowhere near that of a fully intact windshield.

This can cause you or your passengers to suffer harsher injuries or even death in a road accident, which may be avoided if the windscreen was in its original condition.

Finally driving with a damaged windscreen can be illegal resulting in fines for the driver, depending on the extent of the damage and your local laws.

Get It Repaired As Soon As Possible

As mentioned for the reasons above, you should always get any windscreen damage repaired asap. How you choose to do this, may depend on the damage.

For small chips you could opt for a DIY repair kit, however as the damage gets larger and to ensure the repair is done correctly it is advisable to request the help of a windshield expert.

Give It Time Before You Start Driving

The repair kit or technician will tell you to give the windscreen time before you start driving.

For example, you should wait about two hours after a windscreen replacement has been completed, whereas chip repairs require less time to set.

With a windscreen replacement, driving too soon could loosen the adhesive, and the glass might slip out of its position. This can also loosen the seal which could result in water leaks too.

Let The Seal Dry On Its Own

Since you are driving the car, you may see the need to use your usual sunshade. Anyway, this is what you have been doing since you owned the car.

However, this can disrupt the drying of the seal; thus you should avoid it. Do not let anything interfere with the seal whether from outside or inside the car. 

Keep The Retention Tape Intact

To keep the windshield moldings in place, a retention tape is used. You might be tempted to remove it as it does not look good on your car.

However, this tape plays a vital role in protecting the seal or molding against the elements. Once again, do not do anything to interfere with the drying.

Leave it in place as recommended by the expert. They may even advise you to leave it in place for at least two days. To ensure the best result, always follow their advice.

Avoid Power Pressure

Caring for a newly replaced windshield is all about avoiding unnecessary pressure. This will either shift the molding or damage it as it is still fresh. 

You should avoid washing the car in the first three days after installation. If you must wash the car, ensure it is hand washed.

Avoid power and high-pressure car washes. What is the point of paying for a repair or replacement only to damage it with a few minutes’ wash?

What To Keep In Mind?

When your windscreen suffers any type of damage you should act to repair it as soon as possible.

Then after the repair or replacement, you should take good care of it. If you seeked the help of an expert for your repair, then follow their experienced advice.

Take care of the glass, especially during the first few hours and days.

Avoid excessive pressure by taking care not to slam any doors, especially the front ones or the bonnet as this puts unnecessary pressure on your windscreen glass. Also avoid driving on bumpy or rocky roads.

By following these tips you will ensure your windscreen and vehicle is safe to use for you and your passengers.

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