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How to Make Your Home Your Sanctuary

Your home should always be your sanctuary. You should be able to come home from a hard day at work, a night out, even a long walk in the countryside, and be glad to be back in your safe, comfortable space. Right now, with the COVID-19 pandemic still having a hold on the world, this is more important than ever; you need a place you can feel completely safe and at ease in. 

For some, however, their homes are just not the peaceful, calm spaces they should be. There are a number of reasons for this, including not making the most of the space you have, keeping too many items around you, and not making the property your own, but every one of these issues – and plenty more – can be addressed. Read on to find out more. 

Enjoy natural light 

Wherever possible, you should allow natural light into your home. Not only does it feel much more comfortable than having blinds drawn and electric bulbs in your face, but natural sunlight actually helps to regulate your body clock, enabling you to sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed. 

The more natural light you can let into your home, the more comfortable you will feel. It will energize you and will keep you calm too. Nature is incredible and it’s a shame to shut it out when you don’t have to. 

Bring nature inside 

As nature is so incredible, as well as allowing plenty of natural light into your home, you should also bring a little of the outside in, where possible. This could include:

*Having plants in the house

*Always having vases of fresh flowers inside 

*Using natural green colors for your décor 

*Display art depicting nature 

*Use driftwood, stones, or other natural products to decorate 

Regulate the temperature 

Having a home that is either too hot or too cold is never going to feel comfortable, and you’ll never be able to enjoy it without wishing you could change the temperature dramatically. When your body is the wrong temperature, you will become short-tempered, you won’t be able to concentrate, and you certainly won’t feel at ease in your own home. 

Investing in an air conditioning unit from will help you hugely. You will be able to regulate the temperature within your home in just the right way, ensuring you are always as comfortable as possible. 


People like to collect things, and over time those ‘things’ can start to take up too much space in the home. Too much ‘stuff’ can make people feel very ill at ease without even really understanding why, but the fact that once you take the time and effort to declutter and remove anything you no longer need or don’t enjoy you will start to feel a lot more comfortable and be able to see your home as a sanctuary says a lot about the psychological impact of this need to store and collect. 

Remove as much as you can and you’ll feel much happier in your tidier, more pared-down space.

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