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The Unremovable Crown: Top 8 Facts About Redheads

Humanity is and has ever been fearful and anxious about unknown circumstances. Redheads, in particular, faced a lot of shame and disgrace throughout history because of their appearance and how rare it occurs in nature. Moreover, redheads are commonly known to be dangerous, fiery, weak, or clownish, depending on the culture.

Furthermore, did you know that the Ancient Greeks depicted redheads as vampires as they were also believed to be general practitioners of dark magic? What’s so special about them? What makes their skin pale and the hair glow in crimson? To find out more about them, check out these top eight redhead facts.

It’s An Elegant Genetic Mutation

Here’s some complex redhead facts. According to scientific studies, having red hair is not similar to being a brunette or blonde. Because people who are stereotypically known as ‘gingers’ are more genetically different. According to the National Institutes of Health, they have a specified mutation called the MC1R gene.

To acquire red hair the natural way, both parents of the newborn must be carriers of the mutated gene called the MC1R. However, regardless of how pure the mutated gene is, there is still roughly a 25 percent chance of having a red-haired offspring if they don’t have red hairs themselves. 

Left-Handed Redheads Are Common

There are researchers stating that because of the recessive trait, red-haired people are more likely to be left-handed. Considering around 10 to 15 percent of the population affected by this is also a recessive trait. Similar to their hair color, there are hardly any left-handed people in the western hemisphere.

Different Hues of Red

If you have seen a lot of red-haired people recently, you’ll immediately notice that the vibrancy and darkness of their hair are different from person to another. Generally, there are six primary hues for gingers’ hair, which includes from the darkest shade of a dark auburn to the lightest hue of strawberry-blonde. 


Did you know that Gingerphobia is about a person who is fearful of red-haired people? It’s a phobia usually referred to or described as a severe dislike or fear for people who have noticeably red hair. In general, gingerphobia can lead to hatred against the people who have red hair.

Red Hair is Usually Challenging to Mimic

Natural red hairs are commonly known to be challenging to mimic as it’s tougher to dye because of its firmness and shade. If ever a redhead is planning to dye their hair into another color, the process would include the hair’s bleaching to turn it into blonde or a lighter shade of it.

However, whenever doing so can cripple or sometimes permanently damage their hair resulting in dryness and braking of numerous strands of hair. Typically, it would take two or three bleaching sessions for the dye to stick firmly in their hair for a redhead.

Red Hair From Severe Protein Deficiency

There are instances when dark hair can turn red, and that’s due to a severe protein deficiency. Studies about Kwashiorkor indicate that severe protein deficiency is commonly found in places with a high starch diet and low in protein. It was commonly found back in 1932 when children showed symptoms of the disease with their hair turning red from black.

Aside from their hair turning red, other severe protein deficiency symptoms include skin dryness, edema, and rashes. Those who are suffering Kwashiorkor is also commonly known to have symptoms such as digestive problems and anemia.

Once A Common Sacrifice in Egypt

Redheads were commonly known to be sacrificed in Ancient Egypt as an offering to Osiris, the god of fertility, agriculture, vegetation, life, resurrection, death, and the afterlife. Like Salem’s witches, this phenomenon happened during Egypt’s early history, and they would burn men with red hair and disperse their ashes among the winnowing-fans.

Natural Red Hairs Won’t Turn As Grey with Age

With age, people with naturally red hair won’t turn as grey as the rest. Scientists conclude that those with naturally red hair will have to keep their hair’s hue longer than others. As they get older, redheads’ hair color will ultimately fade into various ranges of blonde to copper. Also, It will inevitably get faded into a silvery-white as they age further.

The different redhead stereotypes

At one time, redheads were considered to be a subject of teasing and ridicule. It’s quite common that women with red hair are distinguished to be fiery; however, the male redheads are correlated to various stereotypes such as they are weak, sturdy, or sometimes clownish. There’s even a study explaining why red-haired men are viewed differently than women.

Researchers and historians are stating that the basis of the stereotypes against redheads is based on history. Ancient Egypt viewed the redheads as wicked. The Sistine Chapel’s Michelangelo portrayed the sinful Eve with red hair. Likely representations of redheads go a long way as it leads towards negative impressions of the redhead.

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