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Treatments from Home that Provide Relief from Symptoms & Improve Your Looks

Treatments from Home that Provide Relief from Symptoms & Improve Your Looks

It’s not necessary to rush to the doctor with an appointment every time you feel a little under the weather. Similarly, when you’ve got bags under the eyes, going in for plastic surgery isn’t necessary either. There are some great treatments at home that will take care of you and improve your outlook in short order without doing anything drastic.

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Let’s look at a few of the home treatments now.

Peppermint Oil

We all know that peppermint is great for improving the way your breath smells, but did you know that peppermint oil does wonders for a painful throat too? The reason is that peppermint has menthol, which relieves coughs by lessening any inflammation in the throat. Peppermint also reduces what you’re coughing up too, so it’s easy to clear your chest quicker too.

Using peppermint oil, like any essential oil, it must be blended with softer coconut, olive or sweet almond oil in a 5:1 ratio. Therefore, for every few drops of peppermint oil, add one of the suggested oils above as a safe carrier. Essential oils cannot be ingested; they are designed to put on the affected area of the skin.

Using Food for Health

Refined carbohydrates are not your friend. What’s a refined carbohydrate? Anything that uses white flour or white sugar. This type of carb will shoot your blood sugar levels to the moon and back, rapidly. You get a quick energy boost and then you feel lousy thereafter. That attractive white baguette, a slice of chocolate cake or pasta dish only slows you down.

High-fiber and complex carbs are entirely different. Look for whole-grain carbs like brown bread and cereals that use whole-grains and don’t overload with sugar to compensate. Most vegetables have a high-water content and plenty of healthy fiber if you don’t boil it all away in the pan. The advantage of complex carbs is that they release energy over time – not all at once – which stops you eating again an hour later.

Treat Your Eyes

Your eyes and the skin around them have a rough time of it. Whether you’ve not gotten enough restful sleep lately and have developed bags under your eyes or the signs of age are starting to show at the corners, we know it’s something you may try to hide behind sunglasses, weather permitting.

Worry no more because with the 2018 eye serum guide you will find excellent information which helps you choose just the right skin cream for your pigmentation and sensitivity levels. It doesn’t matter what affects your skin the most – excessive sunlight or lack of sleep – because there’s a beauty treatment that’s designed to help with that.

Whether you want to use a mixture of herbs, some essential oils, or a modern pharmaceutical treatment to apply at home, there’s plenty of original research going on into how alternative and modern medicine can deliver effective treatment protocols. The research into herbal medicine and its treatment of different physical ailments look particularly promising. The future looks bright for home-based approaches that are cost-effective and easy to administer.