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How to Throw the Ultimate Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties are known for being so memorable that you’ll laugh about them many years later. They are incredibly special and unique events that celebrate the bride’s transition to married life, frequently held by the Maid of Honor in the bride’s honor, and often include a group of friends generally considered to be relatively close to the bride.

While they are incredibly fun and exciting events, they can also be insanely stressful to organize, schedule, and pull off. While the planning can be stressful and nerve-wracking, the actual party is often known for being its own kind of stressful. Once it’s over, however, it’s a relief, and the bride is left to enjoy the memories and lived experience of one of her best friends giving her one of the best parties she’ll likely ever attend. 

There is so much at stake when throwing a bachelorette party, but the potential rewards are staggering when compared to the effort of organizing and setting it all up. To this end, we’ve done the legwork of compiling this how-to for throwing the ultimate bachelorette party including having the proper items like party favors and other fun party tools like a bachelorette hangover kit to ensure it is a fun and memorable event for your Bride to Be. We’ll start off with how to make the planning process as easy as possible, and then we’ll make sure you have some great tips for making it be the best party the bride can imagine. 

Planning The Ultimate Bachelorette Party

Pick The Guests

This is likely going to be one of the easier steps in the planning. You will often already know or be familiar with several of the potential guests. Be sure to get the bride’s input here, because a smaller, more intimate gathering will almost always have a different guest list than a big rowdy night out.

Determine The Location

Once you have the bride’s preference for the general vibe of the party, you can start looking at locations. If the objective is a more intimate gathering for instance, then a short getaway to a nearby vacation cabin may be perfect for being both the location of the party and the place to stay overnight.

Pick & Book The Date

If the party is going to be held at a venue like a bar, club, or similar, you will want to make sure that you plan far enough ahead on a date that the venue is available and your guests have enough notice to make arrangements to attend. Other locations, like hotels, resorts, or vacation destinations may not need as much notice as private venues.

Plan The Events

Here is where your familiarity with the bride will help you bring her vision for the evening’s vibe to life. If you are planning a two-day weekend, for example, consider including just two or three relatively large activities, such as boat hire, to ensure you aren’t spread too thin. Think outside of the box, instead of bar hopping, maybe hire some male strippers, charter a boat, plan a spa afternoon, a walking tour of local sights, or even a fancy picnic.

Think About Decorations

Bachelorette party decorations and supplies can help ensure a fun, exciting, and memorable evening for the bride-to-be. Some ideas to help make your decorations look great include: there are many bachelorette party banner ideas. You can decorate the room with festive balloons, and hang streamers from the ceiling. Placing a large mirror in the center of the room can help reflect light, which will make the room look larger and more appealing. Some fun, decorative items you may want to include are tinsel, confetti, flowers, and party hats.

Plan The Food & Drinks

This part will probably take a bit more care than determining a location since culinary tastes can vary so widely. If you are planning on dining out for all meals, then be sure you plan on eating at restaurants with a variety of dishes, otherwise, be sure all of your guests are on board with your proposed dining establishments. Nothing can kill a vibe quicker than reservations at places which half your guests won’t or can’t eat at.

If you prefer to keep it a little more intimate by hosting your own dinner at home before heading out for the party, you can have the dinner catered to your liking and at the same time ensure that the foods are agreeable for all of your guests. You will also want to decide on the types of drinks that you will be serving to your guests to get the party started. Margaritas are always a popular choice and you can find yummy and convenient mixes to make serving delicious custom margaritas a breeze. I know what you may be thinking, what is in Margarita Mix? Well it all depends on the brand of margarita mix that you use to make your drinks. It’s important to do your research and to look for a brand that sells all natural mixes that contain natural ingredients and nothing else. This will ensure that you are serving your guests a delicious cocktail without sacrificing quality and flavor.

Gather Confirmations

This may be one of the more stressful steps. Even though all of the planning is now essentially complete, the number of attendees can still swing the direction of a party rather significantly. If you plan a big weekend with 18 guests, and activities centered around larger groups of people, your party might hit a snag if only 7 people confirm. Be sure you have a plan for additional guests if your A-list can’t attend.

Tips For The Ultimate Bachelorette Party

Make It Personal

Just like she’s going to put plenty of thought into her bridesmaid gift ideas, be sure you put thought into what you’re going to end up doing. Make sure it’s something that’s going to get her hyped up. If you are planning on hitting a bar and the bride is a fan of the top Shania Twain songs, a country bar is a better bet than a dance club. You know her best, make it personal, and she’ll love it. 

Don’t Over Plan & Overschedule

It might seem counterintuitive, but when you are planning this big event, don’t over plan. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to try and schedule every waking minute of the party or try to cram too much into too short of a time. This also means that you might not have time for everything that you wanted to fit in for the bride. That’s actually ok. Your party should not need an itinerary with 5-minute resolution, she’ll get enough of that on her big day.

Make A Plan B

Don’t be inflexible, and don’t leave yourself open to disaster. Always be sure you have a backup plan in case something goes horribly wrong and you need to turn the party 180-degrees from the planned activities. If you are planning a lot of outdoor activities that would require the cooperation of the weather, for example, having a backup plan of some goodies from Porto’s Bake at Home, a margarita kit featuring real mezcal, and some home spa supplies from Rose Inc skincare can save the event from bombing if unexpected weather shows up.

Plan For Cost Overruns

If you have ever been to a bachelorette party, and particularly if you have ever organized and planned one before, it can seem like the expenses never end. Especially if you are going to be out having drinks, it will seem like you just never stop handing cash to other people. This is normal, believe it or not. Be ready to deal with at least a 50% overrun of your party budget. Don’t sweat it, just build it into the budget and hang onto it. It’s almost guaranteed that you will need it.

Get Permission Before You Post

Make sure everyone at the party is aware of any rules in place for posting about the party. Sure, posting a huge album of everyone getting a little sloppy with some hilarious hashtags would be a laugh, but always remember that the internet never forgets. Also, the bride may not want ten thousand notifications from tagged photos, comments, and reactions. It’s safer all around for the comfort, career, and reputation of all of your guests. And when you get all the consent you need, make sure everyone looks good enough even though they’re all obviously drunk. If all else fails, why not check out Get Sunset to know more?

Arrange Sober Transportation

This one is a given. Don’t drink and drive. If you are going to be planning a party where you’re all going to be getting lit, the best way is to just do it where you’re going to end up so you don’t have to worry about driving. Otherwise, make sure you use one of the ample options out there to make sure everyone gets home safely. A night of alcohol-fueled silliness should not be an excuse as to why one of your friends doesn’t make it to the wedding.