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Traditional Spanish Delicacies That You Should Try

No matter where you go, cuisine from your home country will always be appealing and comforting. People either prepare their traditional meals in the kitchen or visit authentic restaurants to sample cuisine from back home.

Spanish food is loved by people from all over the world. In particular, people from this region will always be looking for such delicacies whenever they travel around the world. It is best if you have an idea of the best traditional dishes you can try whenever you visit a Spanish restaurant anywhere in the world. Below are some that you may want to sample.


This cod dish was common with Spanish fishermen. Today, you will pay a premium for it in a nice restaurant. Since cod was rare, it was traditionally salted for preservation. But before it is cooked again, the fish has to be soaked in water for a while to make it less salty. How to cook it varies ranging from steaming, making soups and even salads. You will definitely enjoy any of these.


This is a common and humble Spanish corn flatbread that you will find in any Spanish restaurant like Vamos. Basically, they are used as a base for many dishes because they can be filled or stuffed. The common ones include the tortilla soup, tortilla chips, chilaquiles and many others. As you visit any Spanish restaurant and bar, you may get tortillas as an appetizer as you enjoy a drink or wait for the main meal.


This dish has been prepared for generations, and it originated on farms. Although a peasant food, migas has found its way into the modern restaurant as a breakfast meal. It is a normal scrambled egg with crumbled tortillas that are usually leftovers. Restaurants that can do it in the traditional way also add jalapeno peppers, and the dish becomes even more mouthwatering.


This is simply meatballs that are served in tomato sauce. It is a popular traditional dish in almost all Spanish restaurants. Almond sauce was traditionally added to make it even tastier although some people omit this sauce these days for the sake of those who do not appreciate the taste of almonds. However, those who want it this way can request the almond sauce to be added.

Where to Find Traditional Spanish Dishes

If you are looking forward to sampling these dishes and many others on the list of traditional Spanish cuisine, it is best to try a reputable Spanish restaurant in your town. Continental cuisines may have one or two dishes, but they rarely follow the traditional recipes especially with open buffets. A la carte menus in a Spanish restaurant usually follow the recipes to the letter, and they will give you the original flavor.

The other option that you have is to prepare the dish yourself if you can. This may be tiresome, but of course, it is the best way when you have all the right ingredients with you. Lastly, you can go back home and enjoy the delicacy with its original ingredients, taste and even dining atmosphere.

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    Besides tortillas I have never has the other dishes. But I very much want to they look amazing!

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