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The Best Churro Makers Of 2021

Churros are a perfect treat for anyone looking to satisfy their sweet tooth. They are a massive hit at any party or make a great dessert after dinner. Nothing is better than being able to make hot and fresh churros right in your home, but with so many churro makers on the market, it’s hard to pick the right one. 

Today, we will discuss our top five churro makers of 2021.

Starblue Churro Maker

The Starblue churro maker is one of the highest-rated churro makers on the internet, and for a good reason. The Starblue is compact, which makes the device incredibly portable. This means you can take over to a friend’s house to have a churro night, or you can easily tuck it away in your kitchen. The device is also easy to clean and is temperature regulated, so long gone are your days of having burned churros. 

Hot Paella Churro Maker

If you want a more traditional take on churros, then the Hot Paella is the churro maker for you. What we love about this churro maker is the amount of dough it holds. The Hot Paella will hold two cups of dough at once, meaning you can pump out a couple of churros without the need to refill the maker. Another pro to this maker is the ease of use. You simply need to press down on the pump, and out comes a perfectly sized churro ready for you to fry. 

The best part about this maker is how durable it is. The Hot Paella is made out of aluminum, making the device both easy to clean and durable compared to the lower-quality plastic churro makers. 

Hakka Brothers 2 in 1 Churro Maker

The Hakka 2 churro maker is for serious churro enthusiasts. This device is the king of churro makers and is available in two sizes, commercial or home use. What is great about this device is it also doubles as a sausage stuffer, so if you’re a fan of sausages and churros, this is perfect for you! 

The Hakka Brothers churro maker’s build quality is second to none, with the maker being constructed out of stainless steel

If you’re serious about churros, this is the maker for you!

CucinaPro Churro Maker

The CucinaPro churro is maker is an affordable churro maker that is capable of producing fantastic churros! We love this churro maker because the four non-stick plates included two for churros and two for empanadas. The best part about this maker is that there is no oil required, simply drop your dough in, and have fresh churros in minutes!

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, there are many different types of churro makers on the market. The makers listed about are our personal recommendations, but there are plenty of other fantastic churro makers on the market that can fit any budget. We can’t wait for you to be able to try one of these makers in your own home! 

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