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Wowing Your Guests With The Best Desserts For Special Events

Successful events are all about perfection- right from the decor to the music, arrangements, and menus. Desserts are perhaps the most important element when it comes to wowing your guests. Concluding the event with a delicious dessert always makes it more special and memorable because that’s the taste your guests would carry home. You can go the extra mile and select the most delicious of desserts to serve to your guests. Make sure to do your research first to find a list of foods that are sweet and that will work perfectly at adding that perfect sweet treat at the end of your meal. Here are some things to consider while you do so because you would want to make a lasting “last impression” on the attendees. 

Match it with your event’s theme

Good planning always makes a successful event. Starting with a theme in mind gives you a head start and makes things easier to plan, whether it is about the decor or menu. When it comes to deciding the sweet-nothings, make sure that they match the theme of the party. After all, you wouldn’t want to serve alcohol-filled chocolates on a kid’s birthday party and a Minnie Mouse cake wouldn’t be apt for a wedding. Think about something that blends with the party and has a surprise element as well.

Visual appeal is important

The appearance is as important as the taste of the food when it comes to making an impression. Visual appeal, therefore, should be on top of your mind as you choose a dessert for your event. Experts at Lavender Bakery & Café recommend that you have your caterer present a sample before you finalize so that you know exactly what the dish would look like on the table. A good looking dessert gives your guests one more reason to try once and want seconds as well, no matter how guilty the temptation makes them feel!

Balance is everything when it comes to taste

A balanced dessert can make your event’s menu complete. Opt for ones with sublime flavors because you would want to tickle the taste buds rather than give them a burst of sweetness. A chocolate dish is a great idea but you can opt for a healthier, fruity one as well- even better, you may ask for two on the menu if budget is not a concern. A combination of hot and cold is another good way to balance your menu. It will definitely give your guests some choice.

Presentation is important

While a great taste and amazing looks can go a long way in making impressive desserts, you cannot overlook the importance of an impressive presentation. Consider the way the dish would be served- whether it is a standard sit-down option or a roving one. If your party has youngsters and kids, they would love the roving option so that they can mingle around till the end of the party. On the other hand, seated desserts are a good option if you have older guests who would rather sit through the event and enjoy the delicacies.

A great dessert promises a memorable closure for any event, so this is one part of the menu that requires good thinking. Surely, these useful tips would help you nail the choice better and give your guests a good reason to remember your party!

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