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The Best Blenders for Ice in 2021

An ice-cold smoothie is hard to beat in the summertime. In order to make a proper smoothie, you’ll need to find yourself a blender that excels at crushing ice. We’ve reviewed a few of the best blender for ice available to you in 2021 to help you make the perfect smoothie!

What qualities does a blender need to be good at crushing ice?

The most important features and specifications you’ll want to look for are a strong motor, a large-capacity pitcher, and blades designed with ice crushing in mind. These features are pretty common on most blenders, and a blender manufacturer will often tell you if their blender is good at crushing ice. It’s a feature that is sought after, and most manufacturers know this!

Top 3 blenders for crushing ice and making smoothies in 2021

Blendtec Classic 575 Blender

The Blendtec 575 Blender is a solid all-around choice for a blender regardless of what you’re looking to blend. It features a powerful 1,560-watt motor that has no trouble crushing ice, or really anything else you throw at it. If you’re doubtful as to the quality of this blender, or the Blendtec line of blenders, go online and check out the “will it blend” series of videos. Blendtec stands behind their product so much that they created an entire video series showing just how much crushing and chopping power their blenders have. 

Needless to say, Ice will be no problem for this monster. The only drawback is the price of the unit, as it is typically around $400 for a single unit. While they are expensive, they come with a lifetime warranty and are guaranteed to meet all of your blending needs. If you have the money, we recommend Blendtec all the way!

Ninja BL610

If you want to spend a little less, while still procuring a quality product, the Ninja line of blenders might be just right for you. Specifically, the BL610 is made with ice-crushing and frozen drink-making in mind. This blender will cost you around $100 but still comes with a powerful 1,000-watt motor that will have no trouble crushing ice for your frozen drinks. If you catch a sale, you can get this blender for under $80, so look around before buying!

The blender comes with a large pitcher that holds 64 ounces so you’ll be able to crush large amounts of ice without a problem. It has a BPA-free pitcher that can be washed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. This blender also has a 6 blade setup to help crush, slice, and blend anything you throw at it. For the money, the Ninja BL610 is hard to beat.

Magic Bullet – Small Blender

If you don’t need an enormous capacity for ice and will be making personal drinks with your crushed ice from your blender, the small version of the Magic Bullet Blender is a great option! It will take up much less space than either of the other two options on this list and will only cost you $40. 

For this price, you get a 1-year warranty and the confidence that comes with the magic bullet name. They are well known as a quality blender producer, and their small blender hits a sweet spot for affordability, ease of storage, and power. You won’t have trouble crushing and slicing your way through ice with this blender!

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