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A Refresher Guide to Women’s Swimwear  

When it comes to choosing what to wear to the beach, it is all about confidence. 

If 2022 is your first beach trip in a while, you may have a hard time remembering what kind of swimwear suits you best or what your most comfortable piece was.  

So, it may be time to revisit the basics. Here, 5 of the most popular types of women’s’ swim or beachwear are looked through. So, you can choose which one might be the ideal piece for you this coming summer.  

One piece 

This is the swimwear that most people think of when they are asked to picture a bathing suit.  

It is the type worn by professional swimmers, but that doesn’t mean it is shapeless and boring. They can be any color and are generally fitted, so they can show off your shape. 

Some options also come with belts. This helps to pull the shape in at the waist and they come in any size too. These plus size swimsuits are perfect if you have more to show off! 


It’s itsy. It’s bitsy. It doesn’t have to be teeny weeny. It also doesn’t have to be yellow polka dot, unless you want it to be.  

A bikini is a great option if you are vacationing in a hotter country. It is also a great way to show off your confidence in your figure. Bikinis are a must-have for most beach lover wardrobes. If you have a fuller bust, you can even get fitted bikini bras. So, you don’t have to worry about losing support when on the beach. Bikini bottoms can be a bit skimpier or they can have a 1950s feel and be longer. Offering added protection from UV rays while also showing off your shape. You can even mix and match the top and the bottom.  

Be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen to prevent sunburn. 


A tankini is in essence the bottom part of a bikini. With a tank top instead of a bra. 

This offers a bit more support when you are swimming in the sea, while also being striking. The top is tight fitting but is lightweight and waterproof. So, you can swim in the sea without concern. 

Tankinis generally cover the midsection, which is great if you are not feeling like showing off your stomach. 

Halter neck 

The halter neck is seen in both all in one swimsuits and bikinis.  

Instead of the straps going over the shoulders, they are tied around the neck. This is a great option to support a larger bust, without putting pressure on your shoulders while you sunbathe. The straps can be thicker or thinner, depending on your preference and they can either be knotted, clipped or resemble a belt buckle.  


Strapless bikinis and swimsuits have made a comeback in recent years. The bikinis resemble a waterproof boob tube, while the swimsuits simply don’t have straps. 

This option screams confidence but may not be for you if you have a larger bust due to lack of support. Just be sure to cover your shoulders with sunblock. 

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