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The Best Brands for the Hottest Men’s Jewelry

Over the past few years, the popularity of mens jewelry has skyrocketed. With this, there have been many more jewelry brands to hit the market that specialize in only selling jewelry that appeals to men. 

As more and more men decide to give jewelry a chance this industry will only continue to grow. Many men feel intimidated when it comes to wearing jewelry and have no idea where to start. If you are or know one of these men here are some companies that you can always trust to have quality pieces of men’s jewelry for you to try out. 

Where To Find Quality Jewelry for Men That is On-Trend

When you are first starting to experiment with accessorizing with jewelry, knowing where to look for pieces that are in style is half the battle. All of these brands have a good reputation for having quality jewelry.

●     Miansai

This company is one of the pioneers of the industry when it comes to offering jewelry options for men. All of the pieces they sell are very refined and minimalistic. All of their pieces are crafted from the highest quality of materials and are made to last. You can trust that anything you purchase here will last your a lifetime.

●     Peyote Bird

This men’s jewelry brand has its home office in Sante Fe, New Mexico. Their jewelry is very bohemian and they find much of their inspiration from nature. They use a mix of metals, beads, and stones to create their own unique aesthetic. If your style is more bohemian and you love nature, this may be a great brand for you to explore. 

●     Nialaya Jewellery

This male-focused jewelry line was designed by Jannik Olander, who formally worked for Ralph Lauren, and is perfect for professional businessmen. The whole jewelry collection is very subtle and uses a mix of leather and stones. This jewelry line tries to offer men that have to wear a suit all day a way to add a little bit of their individuality to their ensembles. 

●     True Rocks

This brand gets its inspiration from its male-focused jewelry line from Rock-n-Roll and Punk Culture. Many of their pieces include pills, knives, and skulls. This Jewelry is designed for a male who has a very edgy style. If you will never get enough of the Ramons, you may love the jewelry that this brand creates. 

●     Mr. Gregory

This brand was created for the male that enjoys having a more edgy sense of style. If you are a recovering emo kid of the 90s, this might be the jewelry line for you. This collection often includes skulls and very dark metals. 

●     Craftd   

This brand specializes in men’s jewelry and always has the best choices for an individual that is inspired by the Cuban and Hip Hop communities. They offer a wide array of quality chains and a wide variety of charms. They even have a few talisman charms that can be worn for protection and guidance. If you are wanting to try male jewelry craftd is the best place to start. 

It’s Time For You To Start Accessorizing & Expressing Yourself

It is time for you to go ahead and buy a few pieces of jewelry and start learning how to accessorize. Jewelry is just another way that you can express yourself as long as you wear what you like and are comfortable in, your confidence will shine through and your swagger will be through the roof. You will be a pro at picking out the best men’s jewelry to wear before you know it. 

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    I definitely needed you to share this with me! I know nothing about men’s jewelry and Father’s day is coming up! Thank you and I hope Father’s day is a good one for everyone!

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