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The Best Companies to Help You With Your Diabetic Supplies

Selecting the right company for your diabetic supplies is important. There are so many products needed for anyone with Diabetes… like insulin patches, insulin pumps, blood sugar meters, diabetic test strips diabetic socks and more. More importantly, med costs can go through the roof if you aren’t careful. Sometimes you also need a little specialization, and not every company can help with that. To this effect, we’ve compiled a list of the best companies to help with your diabetic supplies.

We’ve divided them up into categories and we’ll tell you a little about each so that you are empowered to make the right choice for YOU!

Best with Medicaid and Medicare insurance – Edgepark

Edgepark gets some kudos for working with a large number of health plans. More than 1200, to be specific. They have a fairly comprehensive selection of supplies and they even come recommended by places like Certified Diabetes Care. There are some caveats that come with this wide coverage, however.

These caveats consist of a mixed reception towards their customer service and the fact that billing may be potentially higher than you are expecting when done through your insurance.

Best for specialized tech – Johnson and Johnson

Johnson and Johnson has been around since the late 1800’s and they have their finger in a lot of pies. This includes diabetes supplies and they can help with some customized tech such as special insulin pumps. They work through Calibra Medical, LifeScan, and the animas corporation and through Calibra they even offer 3-day insulin patches.

Mileage with insurance will vary between the 3 companies that Johnson and Johnson works through, however, so you’ll want to check with the specific company when inquiring.

Best for Medtronic users – Medtronic

If you use Medtrinic devices, you should go with the source. Medtronic boasts excellent customer service, which includes technical support for those who are using their products. They do not accept all insurance for their devices, however, so you will need to check with your insurance provider if you wish to use your coverage to obtain Medtronic tech for diabetes management.

Best for Pediatric diabetes supplies – Insulet

Makers of the omnipad pump, Insulet has some convenience options such as E-script for online prescriptions from your doctor and their wares are sold through a pharmacy, increasing the likelihood of coverage under your plan.

They even have a free 30-day trial period if you would like to try their technology for managing your child’s diabetes. It does require that they carry a device, so this may not be an ideal solution for everyone.

Best overall discount supplier – Diathrive

For best overall discount supplier we have Utah-based company Diathrive. In response to the high amount of frustration that diabetes patients have to go through with their insurance providers, Diathrive has opted with a business model that bypasses them and in many cases offers supplies for less that your copay would be.

While they don’t take insurance, you can use FSA or HAS funds to pay for purchases and their rates are extremely competitive. They even throw in some useful ‘freebie’ supplies with first-time and refill orders, as well as bulk-buy plans that ensure your supplies get sent on a regular basis.

Even without taking insurance, the pricing leads to substantial savings and this is why we are giving them the best overall rating.

Some final words

This concludes our compilation of the best companies to help with your diabetic supplies. Whether you want the best company for your insurance or need something customized, there is a little bit on the list for everyone, even for those who want to skip insurance altogether.

Just be sure to Google the providers from this list that you are interested in and do some comparison shopping. We think that you’ll agree with our ratings on the best companies in the business for your supplies. We wish you and yours the best!

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