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Get Salon Style Nails at Home With These Products

Going to the salon every week to keep your nails done can become an expensive habit. Chances are you will eventually need to find a more cost-effective alternative to keep your nails looking amazing. There are several ways for you to get professional-looking results at home and they are all cheaper than weekly trips to the nail salon. 

These Products Will Deliver Professional Looking Nails At Home

There are a few products currently on the market that truly do produce results that look like you just got a fresh uv gel manicure at the nail salon at a fraction of the price.

●     Clutch – Press-on Nails

Clutch offers a superior product that always produces great results. These are not the press-on nails that your grandma use to wear. These nails are made of quality material and can even be reused. The nails stay on for up to 2 weeks when properly applied.

Clutch partners with Celebrities and Beauty Influencers to present collaborations. They make sure that they always offer nails that are trendy and practical. No matter what shape or length of nail you are looking for you will be able to find a set you love from Clutch.

Their press-on nail sets include a file and nail glue so that you can properly apply the nails. It is best practice to take a nail file and rough up the tops of all of your natural nails. Next, take a cotton ball covered in acetone and make sure all of your nails are wiped clean and give them time to dry. 

Then apply a fair amount of nail glue to the center of your nail and press the correct size nail down and apply pressure for at least 10 seconds. Repeat this process until you have a press-on nail on every finger. If you want the nails to last longer then apply a thin layer of topcoat and allow it to dry.

●     Nailboo – Nail Dip Kit

If you want to be able to have more freedom with your nail design then you will want to invest in a Nailboo nail dip kit. This kit will allow you to achieve a professional manicure at home in a few easy steps. You have a wide variety of colors to choose from with Nailboo and they produce a superior and easy-to-use product. 

These nail kits are easy to master and just take a little practice and patients. You will be a pro at applying dip nails in no time. This kit from Nailboo includes everything that you need to achieve professional results at home for a fraction of the cost your area nail tech would charge you for the same product.

To use your nail dip kit you will want to start with clean dry nails. Take time to file and shape your nails before washing and drying your nails and hands thoroughly. Then you will apply a layer of base coat to your nail and dip it into the building powder. Repeat this process with all of your nails. Then take the brush and remove any extra powder. 

Apply another layer of base coat to your nail and this time dip it into the colored powder repeat this step with all your nails. If you do not feel like the color is vibrant enough you can repeat this step. Remember to brush away any excess powder after each step.

Then you want to apply the Activator to each nail and allow it to dry then take a file and rough up the top of all of your nails. Apply another layer of activator and allow it to dry completely. Now finish by applying your top coat as soon as that dries your nails are finished.

Kiss The Nail Salon Good-Bye

Now that you know how to get the same results at home that you have been getting at the nail salon, there is no reason for you to continue throwing away your money. Order one of these nail kits today so that you can start perfecting your skills not and stop throwing your money away by having someone else do them for you. Everyone is going to be asking you who is doing your nails before you know it.

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  • megan allen

    I love getting my nails done..but I do not like waiting forever and spending a ton of money! Since the pandemic..I definitely haven’t been to the salon. Thank you for the tips!

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