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Simple Seafood Dishes

Seafood is loved by many people. It’s low in calories and sodium but rich in protein which makes this type of food that is filling and healthy. There’s an opinion that seafood takes a long time to cook and that the cooking process itself is exhausting. Well, that’s not exactly true, here are some recipes that will be the easiest and the tastiest you’ve ever seen!

Let’s start with baked scallops. This can be a perfect appetizer as well as a mouthwatering main dish. You can eat them with almost anything: vegetables, pasta or rice. Cooking them takes just a few steps. First, preheat your oven to 400F and prepare your baking dish. Meanwhile, combine the panako, Parmesan, parsley and a little salt to taste. Put the scallops on the dish and put the crumb mixture on top. Add some lemon juice mixed with butter and white wine and pour over the dish. Bake until the scallops are opaque. Broil the second rack until the topping is golden. Enjoy!

Here’s one more suggestion for those of you who love grilled food. Grilled halibut with peach and pepper salsa will be perfect for hot summer days. It’s much appreciated by fish lovers for its texture. Salsa goes perfectly as well with smoky grilled fish.

Bay scallops are perfect for any meal, they can make it fancy and exquisite. Besides, they take only a few minutes to make so don’t lose this opportunity and treat yourself with this amazing seafood. Heat olive oil and pour scallops into the pan. Cook for 30 seconds. Stir in garlic and cook for 30 more seconds. Then stir wine and lemon juice into scallops. Stir in parsley and cold butter and let it melt. Remove from heat and add salt, cayenne pepper and black pepper. Spoon your scallops over pasta or toast and serve.

Bourbon-glazed salmon will be your favorite dish because of its sweet and smoky flavor. Moreover, this fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that’ll boost up your health and will protect you from heart diseases. You just have to cook it for about 10 minutes for each inch. The fish is ready when the center is light pink and opaque.

You can also try broiled scallops tossed with butter and fresh cheese. You’ll fall in love with the golden crust and juicy tender texture on the inside. It’s worth trying for seafood enthusiasts. You can also add cayenne pepper to suit your taste. It’s also suitable for those who don’t like the smell of fish: scallops don’t possess any fishy odor. Prepare a baking sheet and foil. Spray with avocado oil and place an oven rack 6 inches below the heating element. Set your broiler to 500 degrees F. Mix salt, black pepper, garlic powder and cayenne pepper with Parmesan and place melted butter in a separate bowl. Rinse the scallops and dip each one in the melted butter, put it in the Parmesan mixture and turn to coat. Place the scallops on roasting rack. Broil till the cheese turns golden and scallops become moist (about 6-10 minutes). Don’t forget to turn the baking sheet after 3 minutes of broiling. Serve right away with your favorite main dish.

And the last seafood discovery is southwestern-style shrimp taco salad. Prepare your grill to high heat. Combine lime juice, olive oil, cumin, garlic, syrup, and hot sauce in a small bowl and stir carefully. Drizzle the mixture over the shrimp. Then thread the shrimps onto the skewers. Put them on a grill rack with corn for 8 minutes, turning frequently. Remove shrimps from the grill, add, lettuce, green onions and toss gently. Divide tortilla chips and top each one with the shrimp mixture. Top each with sour cream and serve immediately with a lime wedge


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