Just for a few moments, forget about the privileges of being thin. Forget about the rights that your body has upon you. Forget about perfect abs and bulging biceps. Forget about body image.

Forget about cardiac arrest, stroke, cancer, diabetes and other diseases.

And please do forget about being healthy while being fat. It doesn’t exist.

People already know about these conditions. Below, you’ll find 5 reasons that usually don’t get discussed as often as they should:


Ever hear of Osteoarthritis? It’s a degenerative disease. It destroys our cartilage and the bones of our joints. If you can’t imagine how it happens, just think of rubbing two pieces of rocks together. That’s what happens after Osteoarthritis. Not pretty.

Most people think it’s natural and that it happens to everyone. Aging helps it along. We’ve all seen grandmothers and grandfathers with arthritis.

What these people don’t know is that it is very vicious. Because of the joint pain, your movements become less and less. Less movement mean less joint activity. That leads to muscle weakness. Muscle weakness means when you are hit or fall down, your muscles will not hold you up or cushion the blow as they should. Less protection means worse impact. You get the drift.

The point being made here is that obesity can make these things come true quicker.

It’s not that obese or heavyset people are putting more pressure on their joints, and thus these joints are degenerating rapidly. There is a connection between the extra fat in your tissues and inflammation.

You want to improve the conditions of your joint? You want to get rid of the pain? Start losing weight. You will immediately start feeling better. You could even consider the use of a lipo LED machine ( to begin losing that unwanted fat.


Sleep apnea is a pretty serious sleep disorder. What happens is that during sleep, your breathing stops and starts again and again. As a result, you snore a lot and when you wake up, you feel tired and fatigued even after a full night’s sleep. What happens is that the upper airway collapses while you sleep which effectively cuts off the intake of oxygen.

This is bad. I’m sure we all will agree.

And can be an incredibly scary thing for people who are having to deal with it. Luckily there are a few things that a person can try, to try and see if anything can be done to fix their problem. For example, some people use things like these CPAP masks which can be found at masks. All that matters though is that the person does whatever works best for them.

More fat in the body means more chances of suffering from sleep apnea. This happens due to a number of reasons:

Due to the stored fat, your airways become too narrow and space becomes constricted. This causes your airways to collapse. If sleep apnea is something that you have been suffering from for a while now, it may be best to get in touch with a Dentist in Kennewick, for example, as they’ll be able to give you advice on how to deal with this in the right way. Visiting a dentist may not have been your first thought regarding sleep apnea, but this may just do the trick. Hopefully, you’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep too!

More fat in your upper body means when you lay down, you are putting more pressure on your lungs. This constricts them and they lose the space that was meant to be filled with oxygen. You don’t get the oxygen that you want.

Obese individuals are more prone to suffer from sleep apnea than healthy people. What’s even scarier is that if you had mild sleep apnea and then you put on weight, you can easily upgrade your sleep apnea from mild to moderate or even severe.

So, what’s so bad about sleep apnea? It’s nothing to lose your sleep over (Pun intended).

Sleep is when our body does most of its healing. Sleeping time is when our body regulates our metabolism. Less sleep means irregular metabolism which means bad health all over.

You know what this means right? It means anything and everything from higher rates of inflammation, rapid cell aging, to hormonal disturbances and other chronic ailments.

So wherever you live, find out the best endocrinologist in Savannah, a good ENT in Augusta, or if your in Atlanta, maybe look for all the above including the best Chiropractor in Atlanta.

Bottom line: lose weight so that you can sleep and your body can heal itself. This will keep you away from all types of diseases that you don’t want and you shouldn’t have.


Now this is the one where people just get a disbelieving look on their faces as if someone is pulling their legs. It does sound weird, but it has come to light that people who are overweight aren’t able to taste their food.

Why is that? We’re not sure, but researchers do have some pretty good theories.

What we do know is that people differ in how good they are and how sensitive they are towards different tastes, flavors and textures like sweetness, sourness, or bitterness. One theory is that we tend to eat more to compensate for our lack of taste.

But on the other hand, it has been noted that people who are overweight have a “strong” dislike towards bitter things like green peppers, kale, etc. This tells us that there is definitely a connection between extra body fat and eating more while avoiding unpleasant tastes.

In plain English, it means that people with more body fat have altered taste perceptions. It very well could be that the change in taste caused the fat gain, or the fat gain caused the change in taste perceptions.

The good news here is that it is reversible. The more you lose fat, the more fit you become, the better you’ll be able to taste different flavors.


Our body contains a multitude of glands that secrete hormones that work on our bodies. Fat is an active endocrine organ. It actually secretes hormones and cytokines. The important thing to consider here is balance. If our diet is balanced, we have a balanced amount of hormones and cytokines in our body doing their work. More fat means more hormones, which puts our immune system at risk.

To make a long story short, more body fat can cause a host of infections like gum infection, nose and sinus infection, etc. The more infections that we have, the more our immune system is called upon to do its work. Too much use puts it in a precarious position.


People with a lot of body fat are harder to intubate. They have a higher chance of incisional hernia. It takes more time to operate on them and they have a higher risk of catheter site infection (ouch). Surgery is very risky for such people.

Everybody knows about diabetes, muscle and joint pain, and the other mainstream reasons for losing weight but these are the reasons that nobody discusses, and therefore, nobody knows about. Now that you know them, we hope that you will take your health seriously. Go on a diet, get regular exercise, make sure that you live a natural life. Hopefully, none of us will ever have to face these problems in the future. And, if you do suffer from any of them, now you know why.