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September Broadband Cashback Deals

September Broadband Cashback Deals

Changing broadband providers used to be a lengthy and complicated process but now you can compare broadband providers easily with companies like Usave. There are things though that people do when changing broadband providers, but with calls for this to be much more simple many people are looking at ways to switch broadband providers while earning a little bit of cash in the process. A lot of the larger UK broadband providers offer cashback deals and September is a great month to find the best ones and take advantage, as many of them want new customers signed up before December and January, when the Holidays hit and people have less disposable income. Using a comparison website like Broadband Choices is a great way to compare and contrast some of the current offers available, especially as you can select the elements of the packages that you need. Depending where you live, you may get different broadband providers and prices. For example, my friend who lives in Australia uses Click Broadband, this is a company who only provides in Australia. Search around for the best deals near you! If you’re in the US consider checking out Eatel ( They have some brilliant deals that should help you decide on a residential ISP.

BT Superfast Broadband Cashback Deal

The best superfast broadband deal on the market for September is BT’s current deal on BT infinity. Not only is this the cheapest deal on fibre optic broadband but it also has one of the highest rates of cashback. BT customers can get the full BT infinity package as well as the Smart Hub router which offers the most powerful wifi signal in the UK. This is one of the most important things that people look into when they decide to make a change in their broadband and internet service provider. The router that you ultimately choose helps to provide your network with the internet, as well as it coming with its own IP address that is unique to you – (you can follow the link here to find out more). Completing thorough research into these areas could be paramount in being able to help you find the best deal for your broadband and internet. The installation fee is usually £59.99 but BT have taken £50 off. With the package costing £27.99 per month, customers can get this in September for £31.99 per month – and then cashback of £100 in the form of a pre-paid Mastercard. For anyone looking for an all singing, all dancing broadband package with cashback this is probably the best option, just be aware of how long the contract is as sometimes packages like this can be longer than standard ones.

EE Home Broadband

EE home broadband is offering customers the opportunity to earn up to £125 cashback before the 24th September for signing up to one of their packages. The cashback amount differs depending on what package you have with them – but the unlimited broadband package will get you the maximum of £125. This includes unlimited standard broadband and one of the benefits of having home broadband with EE is that if you are a mobile phone customer they also offer a lot of offers to tie into your monthly contract. EE also offers free gifts from time to time like tablets and mobile phones.

Virgin Media Vivid Package

Virgin Media is also offering cashback packages before the end of September. Like with the other broadband providers, the cashback amount actually depends on what package you have. Virgin Media’s most premium package is the Vivid 200mbps package which gives customers the maximum amount of cashback of £72.00. Virgin Media is currently offering cashback across all of their different packages, and one of the main advantages of the deals available on Virgin Media is that you can opt to have broadband and television without a phone. The use of landline phones is becoming less popular and many people end up paying for them when they do not use them.

Sky Fibre Cashback Deals

Sky Fibre currently have a number of offers that can allow new customers to receive £50 cashback when they sign up for one of their new packages in September. Unlike many of the other providers that are offering cashback you do not need to sign up to the biggest package to get the maximum amount. The maximum amount of £50 is available for customers who opt for the Sky Fibre without TV and the Sky Fibre Max without TV packages. The most expensive package on Sky Fibre is £30 per month so the cashback offer is quite generous.

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