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Don’t Just Clean Your Clothes ~ Defunkify Them With Defunkify Laundry Products!

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I am super excited to share new line of laundry products that I am truly loving called Defunkify! Defunkify Laundry Products are designed to wash the funk out of anything you throw their way by doing not only an amazing job at cleaning your clothes but also eliminating the funky odors that are embedded in the fibers of your clothes. My husband works construction and my daughter is always working out and running which means I have plenty of funky clothes in my dirty laundry and which is why I jumped at the chance to give Defunkify laundry products a try. The best part…. their products work and they work amazingly well! I even washed my dogs bedding and blankets using their products and everything came out smelling fabulous! Now let’s take a look at the Defunkify products that I tried out and why I am loving them……

Defunkify Liquid Detergent 

Defunkify Liquid Laundry Detergents are the highest performing and safest detergents available! They crush odor, smell amazing, and are PROVENSAFE™ which I love and the best part…. they work exceptionally well and a little goes a long way. Defunkify is the brainchild of Oregon Scientists with a shared passion of active lifestyles. All of their research and development happens in house by their world-renowned surface chemists. Using the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry, they provide their customers and their communities with a product that actually removes odors and stains down to the microscopic level which means everything to me and is for sure the reason Defunkify Laundry products work and they work amazing well!

I received Defunkify’s Fresh Air and Free & Clear varieties of liquid laundry soaps but their liquid detergents are also available in Lemongrass and Lavender fragrances which I will be trying next for sure. I love that their fragrances are real fragrances made with pure essential oils…. nothing fake added and their Free & Clear unscented detergent is perfection for anyone just wanting clean clothes with no fragrance. Just the smell of clean…..and so far I am loving both varieties as they work beautifully at cleaning my laundry and the end result is perfectly cleaned clothes.

There are so many reasons that I am loving these laundry soaps from Defunkify and most importantly I love that they are low sudsing and formulated for cold water performance which means I can use them in my new Top Load He washer. I also love that Defunkify laundry products are ProvenSafe™ which means they only use ingredients that are approved by the EPA Safer Choice Program and that they finish the process off with testing to ensure industry leading safety. Oh…and add to that the fact that Defunkify detergents remove more odors than the competition AND that they are 87% bio-based ….and it is going to be the only line of laundry products that I will use going forward! 

Defunkify Stain Remover Spray

Defunkify’s Stain Remover Spray in Free & Clear is a lifesaver for your laundry! This stuff removes anything that you throw its way….coffee, ice cream stains, pet messes, grass stains….you name it and this stuff will get it out. Even old, set-in stains don’t stand a chance against this product. Just spray, then wash/clean as normal for rejuvenating results. I love the versatility of this spray too….as it can be used on your carpets, couches and car seats too plus as in their liquid laundry detergents they are created using Defunkify’s  ProvenSafe™ process which is everything to me!

Defunkify Odor Removing Sprays

Defunkify’s Odor Removing Sprays are amazing and perfect for those workout clothes, yoga mats, gym shoes, construction clothes from work as well as pets clothing,  bedding and blankets!  Seriously… if you have something that is extra funky…this is a must have for pre-treating. Defunkify uses essential oils and ionic silver in their Odor Removing Sprays which I love as it crushes the stink and brings wonderful scent to your clothing and essentials.

I chose the Fresh Air Odor Remover Spray and I love it! I used this on my pets clotting, bedding and blankets and it worked perfectly and everything smelled like new which was never the case before using Defunkify Laundry products. The essential oils and ionic silver used in this procured for removing odors work perfectly and ionic silver is one of natures most effective odor-crushing ingredients, and the reason why Defunkify’s odor sprays work so well. Oh and as in all of Defunkify’s products I love love love that they are always ProvenSafe™!

So what do you think of Defunkify Laundry Products? Are you like me and looking for laundry products that work and that are bio-based? Are you looking for products that actually work as they claim they do? Then make sure to check out Defunkify and their amazing line of laundry products that I will be using going forward as they work and are ProvenSafe™ which means everything to me. Check out Defunkify online and on social media today and you can also find their products on Amazon!


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  • Linda Linneman

    I have never heard of these products before but they sound great. Perfect for my outdoor family. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

  • Maia Garcia

    I could definitely use these products for my sons laundry basket lol. I’m glad that it is available on Amazon. It seems that this is the only way that I can shop these days due to the pandemic. I love that they have a lemongrass scent. I love the smell of lemongrass.

  • Sue E

    Oh my goodness!! I thought Seven Generation was the best laundry products, but I can see that there is new up and coming Products! I love the name! Defunkify sounds awesome and the answer to odor problems. Pinterest worthy. Thank you for sharing!

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