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Do You Love Coffee? Here Are Some Interesting Tidbits You Should Know

You are most likely one of the hundreds of millions of people who cannot start their day without a cup of coffee(or two). That being said, there are six things every coffee lover needs to know before they pour their next cup of coffee.

 1) Attention, coffee lovers, you might drink several cups of coffee every day, but that does not mean you are going to be more alert than everyone else. You will have all the caffeine you need in 75MG (which is about one cup). Those of you who drink more than 150MG might be doing more harm to yourself.

2) How could you harm yourself? One, you could be putting an extra strain on your adrenal glands. The adrenal glands help us to deal with stress. However, more coffee inside the body means they have more work to do. You might rely on those 3-4 cups of coffee every day, but that could prove more damaging over time.

Too much coffee can also reduce the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and nutrients in the food you eat. I can also tell you(from experience) that too much coffee could irritate your stomach.

Once again, you can still enjoy your coffee when you wake up. All you need to do is limit the number of cups. I knew someone who used to drink a pot of coffee every day. It caught up to him later. The results were not kind to his system. Learn from someone like that.

3) Did you know that according to some, (and there is some disagreement on this), coffee itself is not good for you. The compounds found in the coffee have health benefits. Two of the compounds include chromium and magnesium. You get the same benefits if you eat things like nuts, seeds, and dark chocolate (in moderation of course).

Now, this is just one doctor’s opinion. Some doctors believe otherwise. It is something for you to think about, though.

 4) The instant stuff is not going to have the same health benefits as the freshly brewed. You probably lived on the instant stuff in college, from time to time (I know I did). Much of the instant coffee has been frozen or spray-dried and it does not have the antioxidant, polyphenol. One freshly brewed cup of coffee is healthier than drinking 3-4 of the instant packets in a row. Plus, instant packets do not taste as good.

5) This next piece of information is probably going to kill some of you (including myself). Adding sugar to your coffee is going to be harder on your body. That also means those coffee syrups you buy from the advertisements are also filled with sugar (they are loaded with it).

You are putting added stress on your adrenal glands and stomach lining. Those of you who live with stomach issues are not making your lives easier by doing that. Some doctors have suggested drinking the coffee black. Once again, everyone has an opinion on this. It is something else for you to think about, even if it does not affect you directly.

6) Many of you wake up in the morning and head right to the coffee. I get it. You cannot do anything without that first cup. However, there could be a problem with that. Did you know you drinking coffee on an empty stomach could prove more damaging(especially if you have stomach issues already)? That tends to dampen the dreams for coffee lovers. but it is true.

You might not want to put food in there right away. You do need something to pad the effects though. Try drinking one or two cups of water before you drink your coffee. It will reduce the chances of your insides becoming irritated.

Now, some of you might not have to deal with that, right now. There might come a time when it does affect you. Water will coat the stomach.

What A Coffee Lover Will Understand More Than Anyone Else

Let’s see how many of you make the list with the following. Most coffee drinkers will read this list and understand without needing an explanation.

1) Gifts for coffee drinkers is the best type of stocking stuffer at Christmas time.

2) Most coffee people do not buy pre-ground coffee. We like to grind the beans. Coffee lovers list everything from contamination to lack of oxygen and moisture as the reasons why.

Some of you might not fall into the category, but a lot of you will. Those who understand do not have to ask.

3) A grinder that has broken down or becomes damaged is the death of a good cup of coffee(unless you have a backup). That is why a good coffee grinder will make one of the best gifts for coffee drinkers.

4) The best part of waking up is a good cup of coffee. Smelling the coffee percolating starts the day. Time to clear the air on the best coffee. Everyone has an opinion, but Folgers is the winner.

Do you agree?

There are other good coffees, but Folgers is the reigning champion. It is similar to how bike enthusiasts feel about Harley. There might be other good bikes, but Harley is the ultimate front-runner. Same with Folgers.

5) Most real coffee drinkers do not think Starbucks is real coffee. Starbuck is nothing more than a status symbol(a place to see and be seen). You cannot say that you are dying for some coffee, then go to Starbucks and order Some mochaccino or frappuccino(fake coffee) junk. Both are nothing more than a milkshake with some caffeine. Stick with the real deal.


Buy some fresh coffee grounds and make a pot of real coffee before you leave the house. Why invest in the fake stuff when you can buy the real deal for less?

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