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Savvy Tips For Teaching Your Kids About Saving

Sooner or later, your children may start to ask some questions about money savings. While it can seem difficult choosing the right time to have this discussion with your kids, it is important that you remain open and honest when answering their questions. The sooner your children begin to understand the value of money, the better they will become at saving for the future and even valuing the possessions that they currently own.

When it comes to educating your kids on money and its importance, it could be beneficial to how they cope in later life if this is done at a younger age. Being able to teach them everything they need to know about saving, borrowing, and spending, it could increase their chances of being able to live a financially stable life. So, if you are looking to teach your kids about saving then these tips will help you get any conversations started.

Piggy bank

The easiest way to teach your kids how to save is to make it fun. If they have a piggy bank that they can use to save their allowance, then they will soon learn that each and every dollar that they put away will soon be a large amount of money that they can use as they wish. It is important that your kids decide to save money themselves, and that you do not force them to make this decision. Consider buying them a piggy bank that they can paint and decorate themselves – they may even want to give it a name! The money that they put aside could soon be put into an account such as with Spencer Savings Bank, so that they can begin to accrue capital and savings for their future. Start small and make sure that you keep conversations fun and engaging. With these techniques in place, saving for your child is easy!


When you begin to teach your kids about the money, they will soon learn that they need to be patient if they want to put enough money aside towards a toy or a bicycle that they want to own. Make sure that your children learn that it takes time and effort to put money aside and that they cannot expect to have everything they want to be handed to them as soon as they ask. Teach them how to find alternatives to their usual spending habits for example by using software to convert youtube to mp3 to download their music.
Get your kids to set goals that they want to achieve, such as saving up for a new skateboard in three months, or being able to go out for a hamburger with friends – and paying for a sibling. They will soon learn that with dedication and resourcefulness, they will reach their savings goals.

It can be difficult to teach your kids about saving money, in particular, if you are used to spoiling them and giving them what they ask for. However, if your kids learn how to save from an early age and you don’t keep lending money to your kids, then they are much more likely to have better money management skills as they progress into adulthood. Make sure that you consider getting your kids a piggy bank or savings account so that they can start to save their allowance. Be sure to explain to your children that saving takes time and that they will need to be patient and dedicated if they want to save up enough money to spend on a treat for themselves, or their friends, in the future. It can be fun and easy to get them on the right track.

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  • Lauryn R

    These are great tips, thanks for sharing! We bought our three kids piggy banks, and this seems to really help teach them about saving and the importance of money.

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