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5 Effective Ways to Budget When Planning a Family Vacation

Getting away from all of the noise with family every so often is necessary for many reasons. It can help solidify bonds, create a greater level of intimacy, as well as give you a break from the stress that accompanies most days. Some people like to go on something like this san diego whale watching experience, others prefer to go camping in a woods. Depending on the size of your family and your income, however, family holidays can be pretty expensive. For this reason, it may need to be something that you plan towards ahead of time. From doing some research into car rental companies similar to e-mietwagenkreta to sort out transport if you want to explore Greek Islands, to writing an itinerary of what you want to get up to on your trip to France, these are just some things to consider. No matter where you decide to go, as long as you and your family have a good time, that’s what matters.

This could also mean putting your family on a budget pending the time that you save enough for your trip. In case you and your family are in dire need of a family holiday and brainstorming ways to gather the finances for it, this article is going to explore five ways that you can budget when planning your next vacation.

Try Home Entertainment

As a family, you’re likely to spend a significant amount of time and money on some form of entertainment. It may be as a way of bonding or to distract the kids long enough to keep them from tearing the house down. Whatever the case, when trying to budget for a family holiday, it may be a good idea to cut down on outdoor entertainment in order to save more cash. This could mean taking a break from those trips to the cinema, game arcades, family songs or amusement parks for a couple of months and putting that money towards your trip instead.

You can start by making a note of how much you spend on entertainment every month by looking through your bank statements. This should give you an idea of how much you could save by cutting down and what percentage you’d like to put towards your vacation. One idea to consider for free family fun is a family talent show. This is your chance to pull out your best tricks and show them off. You can pick one person to moderate while everyone else chooses a performance whether it be singing, juggling, telling jokes, or live painting. Aside from this, you could also engage in other activities like board games, a BBQ in your garden if the weather is nice, indoor camping, or pizza and a movie. Just remember that you don’t have to spend money to have a good time as a family.

Learn New Recipes

Food is another avenue that can tend to zap a lot of money out of your pockets, especially when you have hungry children. You should, therefore, consider eating out less and cooking more when saving for a family vacation. This, however, doesn’t have to mean that dinner time becomes bland. On the other hand, you can use this as an opportunity to explore a number of new dishes at home. You could even go as far as recreating some of your favorite dishes from the restaurants you usually eat out at. Some fun dishes to consider making as a family include healthy chicken pot popovers, a quesadilla bar, whole-wheat pizza hand pockets, healthy salad-stuffed popovers, or mini whole-wheat chicken pot pies. In addition, why not make it a family activity and get everyone at home to participate in the preparation of new meals? Seeing as it can also be tempting to go outside and buy dessert, why not make that at home as well? You can try making homemade ice cream, baking pies, cupcakes, and other healthy sweet treats too.

Use Price Comparison Sites

When you have a family, it can sometimes feel like there’s always something to buy. Household items often disappear at the speed of light, and the grocery store becomes your second home. For this reason, trying to save as much as possible when buying things for the house is key. You should first review how much you spend on average on these items every month and then work to see how you can reduce that expense. One way of doing this is to use comparison sites when shopping. These sites are pretty impressive as they usually filter and compare products based on price, features, reviews and other criteria. This means that you can get a clear idea of where you can get items you’re looking for cheapest, which may also expose you to similar products that that are cheaper yet offer similar quality. For instance, on this site, you can find free drug price comparisons which should help you save when buying prescription drugs. You can also find sites that cater to other needs such as food, clothing, and every day other household items. Aside from using comparison sites to save, you can also try getting coupons, shopping in clearances and buying wholesale where necessary.

Buy Clothing in Sales

Following on from the last point, when shopping for clothing for yourself or your kids, buying them in sales can save you a lot of money. For this reason, it may be best to buy things seasonally as opposed to impulse shopping. Some of the best times of the year to shop may be at the end of every season when stores are trying to get rid of clothing for a new season. This gives you a chance to get things ahead of time and for sometimes less than half of the original cost. For instance, you should look out for sales at the end of the summer and stock up on items for next year. Some other seasons that are ideal for shopping are holidays such as boxing day, New Year’s, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. Combining seasonal sales and coupons like a JJill discount code and you can save even more on your purchase.

Learn to DIY

Taking the time out to do things yourself could get you on the track to saving enough for your family vacation. This is because you could save a noticeable amount on things like plumbing, decorating, or repaint to mention a few. Some other DIY tips to help you save money are making your own wrapping paper out of things at home, using distilled vinegar to clean as opposed to cleaning products, redecorating your throw pillows instead of buying new ones, and organizing book swaps instead of buying new ones. These may seem like insignificant ways to save, but they all add up and can go towards you achieving your financial target for your family vacation. Of course, controlling finances can be a difficult task for some families which is why websites like kingofkash.com can be great. If you’ve found your dream vacation but you still can’t afford it, you should consider getting a loan to help you pay!

Some things in life are priceless and amongst them is spending time with family and the ones you love. A family vacation is one of many ways to do this, so saving towards it is key. It may require a little sacrifice as well as deprive yourself of some things you love for a little while, but hopefully, the vacation will make it all worth it.


  • Christina Gould

    When I was a kid vacations were pretty cheap, but so was everything else, like gas and hotels. Not anymore. Thanks for posting!

  • Lauryn R

    These are fantastic tips, it is always a good idea to save money and budget when planning a family vacation! Luckily we are a family who loves to camp, so we usually save a ton in general by bringing our own food and lodging (tents!). Thanks for sharing!

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