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Make Your Own Cheese For Your Next Dinner Party

Dinner parties that revolve around fine cheeses and wines are the perfect opportunity for light conversation with friends. There’s nothing quite like savoring the subtle flavors of a delicious brie to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Cheese and wine parties are equally excellent for formal celebrations on your patio or rustic evenings spent with intimate friends. Equipped with your passion for cheese and the cheese making equipment you need, you’re ready to showcase your skills big time.

Start With the Cheese

What kind of cheeses are right for dinner parties? That’s totally up to your creative vision. You’re like an experienced tour guide; share the varieties that get you excited and your guests will be thrilled. Start by selecting two or three of your favorites and then pick out wines that highlight their unique flavors.

• Creamy: Brie has a smooth texture and pairs well with fresh fruit, ham and light-bodied wines.
• Semi-firm: Cheddar has a definite flavor, but isn’t overpowering.
• Aged: Gouda is bold, sweet and slightly nutty.
• Intense: Not for the faint of heart, blue cheeses let you introduce friends to new experiences.

Think Ahead

Cheese is like fine wine: the effort invested is well worth it. You can let some cheeses like gouda age for many months – at least three – whereas softer brie and camembert are ready in three to six weeks. If you start several kinds, you can reap the benefits down the road.

Cheese and Wine Party Tips

It’s your call whether to let your masterful cheeses shine solo or pair them with accompaniments. Here are some pairing possibilities for elevating the tasting experience:

• Fresh berries, melons and other fruit
• Sun-dried tomatoes
• Olives
• Aged salami and sausage
• Gourmet baguettes and breads
• Excellent wine vintages

Remember to calculate 1 ounce per person of each cheese variety you want to serve.

Organize a Night To Remember

Wowing your guests is a given when you make your own cheese. The flavor and texture of artisanal cheese is special because it’s infused with your personality. Contact us at The Cheesemaker for expert supplies, information and equipment – like professional-quality cheese cloth bags – to get started right away.


  • MD Kennedy

    Although there are some truly awesome cheeses you can buy, I love the idea of making my own cheese! The kits from The Cheesemaker make it look so easy!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    I am sure the cheese would be so much better if you made it yourself. I can’t see myself doing it but that is a great idea!

  • Mary Songer

    I love wine and cheese parties. There is usually several cheeses in my fridge. And at least one bottle of wine chilling.

  • Melissa Marinho

    Wine and cheese are always great when hosting a small party with friends. Making your own cheese is an awesome idea that will sure to get everyone talking! Thanks for the idea.

  • gloria patterson

    Sorry I am just to lazy to make cheese. I love cheese and try to have different ones on hand. I have just found the $5 or less cheese basket at krogers. And the nice thing is they will let you sample it before buying. I have found about 3 different one that I love.

  • Stephanie Mago-Eagle

    I never thought about making my own cheese,myself and my daughter love cheese.I will have to try and make some soon.

  • June S.

    (Make Your Own Cheese For Your Next Dinner Party) I would love to try this myself sometime. What a neat idea to do this. I am going to try it out in the fall when the weather gets a little cooler.

  • Kristi Friesen

    A cheese tray that you do yourself I think can make a great impression. I never would have thought to include berries or melon so I really like that idea.

  • Jenn E

    Yes, cheese and wine are a must-have at parties! I don’t host that much but when I do, I look forward to buying a nice selection of cheese! Awesome tips.

  • Jenny B

    I am a big fan of cheese plates and charcuterie boards but not too good at putting them together so these tips are really helpful.

  • Linda Manns Linneman

    I would love to have a cheese and wine get together. This sounds so good. Thank you so much for sharing this

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