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My Savvy Review Of e-cloth & Their Amazing Products! @ecloth

My Savvy Review Of e-cloth & Their Amazing Products! @ecloth

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I was so excited to try out some new cleaning cloths from e-cloth. I had heard some great things about them from a close friend of mine so I knew that I would have to give them a try. I have been wanting to reduce the use of harsh chemicals when cleaning my home and I have been looking for the perfect solution that does not cost an arm and a leg. In comes e-cloth! Their products are scientifically proven to remove 99% of bacteria, including e-coli and lysteria, when cleaning with just water. I know it sounds impossible but when you find out how it works by watching the video below…. you will see that the technology that e-cloth provides truly works and works without harsh chemicals. It has been found that 30% of all childhood asthma is caused by chemical exposure so reducing the use of the cleaning products that we use all of the time to clean our homes will greatly reduce any possible risk of exposure to our families and pets. That is super important to me as my family means everything to me. My home can still be clean without being toxic.

Check Out How e-cloth Works:

My thoughts so far are……I am loving e-cloth! I use several types of cleaning cloths available from e-cloth and they are simply amazing. First…. not only are their products non-toxic and safe and the perfect way to make sure that your home is sanitized without the use of harsh chemicals BUT they are cost effective and savvy. I love that you will no longer have to buy the many cleaning products that you would normally keep on hand to keep your home clean, which can really add up and take a chunk out of your monthly budget. I also love that e-cloths are super easy to keep clean and ready to go for its next cleaning job. You simply run the e-cloths under hot water for a bit when you are done cleaning and ring out the excess water. I do this a couple of times and then hang to dry. Then every other day, depending on how much I am cleaning and using my various e-cloths, I will toss them into the washer and they are like new. All e-cloths are guaranteed to last 300 washes in your machine… so they will last for quite sometime. I also love that this helps to reduce the use of paper towels as they are expensive as well. In a nutshell…. e-cloth is much more cost effective than using traditional cleaning products and they do an equally good job at keeping your home clean and sanitized all while keeping your family safe from harsh chemicals. It is a win win for sure and I highly recommend to anyone looking to remove the use of harsh cleaning chemicals in their homes while still maintaining a clean and sanitized home. These products are such good quality that it would not be a surprise to me if they were used by commercial cleaning services. One of my friends works in an office and she is always telling me about how clean it is so I wonder if they use e-cloths too? She often chats to the cleaning staff about the products they use as they always do such a thorough job. Could your office benefit from a deep clean? Contacting Green Facilities – professional steam cleaners platform could be the game-changing solution your office needs.

Here are the e-cloths that I am using now to keep my home squeaky clean:

Chemical-free Cleaning Window & Mirror Cloth

This cloth is perfect for window cleaning, mirror cleaning, stainless steel, chrome, granite, marble and all other shiny surfaces. Safe for babies too!

Chemical-free Cleaning Home Starter Set 3pc

This set includes Includes one (1) Bathroom Cloth (blue), one (1) General Purpose Cloth (lilac), and one Glass & Polishing Cloth (tan). Perfect for any job you can throw at them.

Chemical-free Cleaning Toy & Nursery Cloth

e-cloth Chemical-free Cleaning Toy & Nursery Cloth cleans with just water, 100% eliminating chemicals sensitivities, allergic reactions, rashes and asthma associated with the use of chemical additives, fragrances and dyes.

Chemical-free Cleaning Stroller & Car Seat Cloth

This is perfect for cleaning up spills, dirt, and grime from plastic, metal and fabric using just water. Removes crumbs and cleans up spills quickly and effectively and removes over 99% of bacteria from all hard surfaces using just water – no harmful chemicals, no chemical residue.

Chemical-free Cleaning Table & High Chair Cloth

Excellent at removing food collection in crevices and hard to reach areas and the grooves in the fabric improve the collection of gunk, crumbs, baby food and hardened messes easily and efficiently. As always, removes over 99% of bacteria from all hard surfaces using just water – no harmful chemicals, no chemical residue.

High Performance Dusting & Cleaning Glove

The long, soft fibers attract and hold dust, pollen, dirt, grease, and oil from crevices in cabinets and furniture, as well as any other nook or cranny while dry. This holds the dirt until the glove is washed and is excellent on all types of furniture and for cleaning soft and hard woods, bamboo, steel, glass, chrome, granite, leather, plastic, MDF and fabrics. You can dampen the glove to clean fabric surfaces and leather and it removes over 99% of bacteria when used with water. As always and with all e-cloths….. guaranteed up to 300 washes.

As you can see…. e-cloth rocks! I am loving their products and seriously you get a clean home without the use of harsh chemicals and it is effective as well as sanitizing. Let me know your thoughts and make sure to click on the links above to visit and check e-cloth out for yourself!


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  • Sandy Klocinski

    Almost everything in my kitchen is stainless steel. All I can say is WOW! I have tried so many things such as newspaper, special window papers, adding Finish to my water, squeegees and more. I would scrub and wipe and scrub and wipe and still have streaks!

  • monique s

    it is so great to have a mix of different cloths for all the different surface you need to clean. From countertops to glass and everything in between

  • sherry butcher

    Great idea, love to try the eCloth for windows now. Car windows are a big problem Thanks for sharing.

  • Kathleen S.

    I bet these would get a workout in my home! I’m turning more towards a nicer way to care for my home.. keeping my family and pets safer! Neat-o!