How To Renovate An Old Garage Into Something Useful

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How To Renovate An Old Garage Into Something Useful

Do you have a garage that is not living up to its full potential? Has it become more of a storage area than a place to work or even keep your car? If this is the case, then you can still transform your old garage into something useful for you and the family. Here are some tips on how you can make your garage another part of your house.

What is your goal?

The first thing to consider is, what do you want from your garage once you have finished? Do you want a place to work or space for the kids to play when the weather is bad? Your decision will go a long way to deciding the equipment and furniture you need to complete the project.

However, there is no reason that you cannot make it a dual purpose area. For example, you can have it as a playing area, which can also be used as an additional bedroom or gym. The possibilities are endless.


Trying to clean out all the junk in your garage might be incredibly difficult for you. You probably have years of accumulated furniture, toys and other bits and bobs that you no longer use, but which hold sentimental value. The good part, however, is that you can always sell some of it to help pay for the new renovation.

Keep the things you want to stay in the garage safe until the renovation is finished. If you try to keep them in the garage, they may get in the way, becoming dirtied or destroyed.

Safe and secure

Next, you need to check the outside and inside for anything that may be unsafe, such as loose tiles, broken windows or damaged beams. You need to make sure that all these issues are repaired before working on the renovation. You also need to check that the garage is weatherproof, or all your hard work could be ruined during a rainy day.



You want to upgrade the lighting to something durable and damp proof. Therefore, try using high bay lighting as these lighting systems are very durable and they can be used in wet conditions. It also provides clean and crisp light that will illuminate the garage well.



The flooring you choose will depend on the function of the garage once you have finished. You can use carpet if you intend to create a living area, or you can use epoxy or paint. Epoxy is durable and will be safely applied to concrete flooring; paint is the same. However, paint is not as durable as epoxy.



Many people will paint the bare, original walling in a bright color to reflect the light. Of course, this is a viable and easy option. However, you can always cover the walls with plasterboard if you are creating a living space. You might also need to insulate the garage if you are contemplating a living environment.

Following the above instructions can transform your old garage into a whole new space for you to utilize. You can let your imagination run wild, as nothing is off-limits when converting a garage into an additional space. Doing so can also improve your curb appeal, for if you ever plan on selling sometime in the future.

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3 Replies to “How To Renovate An Old Garage Into Something Useful”

  1. Margaret Appel says:

    Yep, that cluttered garage looks just like mine! My garage started out to be a place to park the car on one side, and the other my ceramic work shop. But then my family started piling junk up in it and ten years later there’s no room for the work shop and forget even getting a car in there. I love all the ideas you have above, and if I can motivate the family to clear out the garage, maybe it’s still salvageable! Thanks for all the ideas 🙂

  2. Robin Creager says:

    Amazing transformations! I’d love to do this with our tandem garage but my husband has his workshop down there and it basically using up 90% of it. But on the bright side there’s still 10% that I can claim to do a transformation of my own. Thanks for this cool post!

  3. Ashley Chassereau Parks says:

    This is so nice!! I just need to get my garage cleaned up and painted. We moved in a renovated the inside, but I haven’t made it to working on the garage yet.

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