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7 Things You Need To Do To Ace Your GREs

If you are planning to apply to a business school or any other kind of graduate school, then you need to be thinking about the GRE. The GRE is a standard test that is used to assess applicants by school admission committees. If you want to join a good school, then getting a high GRE score will help you land that dream school. This article is a guideline review on how to prepare for your GREs.

1. Understand The GRE Basics

Understanding the test is the most important thing to pass the GRE. The test is made to measure qualitative and critical thinking, verbal reasoning, and analytical skills. There are different kinds of tests that are offered by the GRE committee, and those are the GRE general and specific subject GRE tests. Note: If you take the test and fail to attain the score you want, you are allowed to retake the test.

2. Know The Structure Of The Test

The test is split into three sections, which are all unique.

The first section tests critical thinking. The skills tested here are the ability to analyze written data and information, understand the relevance and importance of words, spot grammatical errors and correct them, and general understanding of words and texts.

The second section tests qualitative reasoning. The skills here are the ability to solve mathematical problems and qualitative information.

The third and final section tests analytical writing. The skills tested here are the ability to articulately solve complex ideas, engage productive dialogue, and support your arguments.

3. Prepare A Strategy

Performing well on a GRE exam, you need to have a solid plan. Before taking the test, you need to know your weaknesses and strengths in the test subjects. This will allow you to spend less time where you are strong and more time at weak sections. If you aren’t sure where to start, try contacting a GRE tutor to help you assess your skills and create a study plan to make the most of your time. Getting the most GRE Test Prep in before the exam is crucial for passing the test. 

4. Take Practice Tests

You should not walk into a GRE test room feeling unprepared. You need to take multiple GRE practice tests so as to mentally prepare for what is expected by the test. These exams are found through any qualified GRE tutor.

5. Study Qualitative Analysis

The mathematical problems will be on algebra, arithmetic, applied math, and geometry. You need to master these skills, and don’t get overconfident because it is easy to forget these skills during the test. If it’s been a while since your last math class, you should be careful to spend extra time preparing for this section.

6. Review Analytical Writing

This section on analytical writing is either in two formats:

• First is you get a prompt to take a position or respond to a certain issue.
• The second format is you will be prompted to an argument that you will have to logically analyze.

7. Practice Verbal Reasoning

The final section of the GRE is a less straight forward one. Verbal reasoning can get tricky. This section is based on analyzing written statements and analyzing arguments logically. You also need to be comfortable with grammatical rules, which many of us don’t use or ignore in daily conversation.

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