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My Savvy Review Of The Baby born ~ Mommy, Look I Can Swim Doll #BathTubFun @SMGurusNetwork

My Savvy Review Of The Baby born ~ Mommy, Look I Can Swim Doll #BathTubFun @SMGurusNetwork

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Scarlet is absolutely loving bathtime more than ever since getting her Baby born Mommy, Look I Can Swim doll! She loves watching her swim around the tub while I am hanging out in there with her and playing. She has a blast while getting squeaky clean and loves watching this cool doll swim on her stomach and on her back. Super cool for sure and I just love it. I cannot wait to see her enjoy this doll in the pool this summer. It will get her excited for sure and she will love watching her swim back and forth. Anything that has action included…. is great and keeps Scarlet truly entertained. She is amazed that this doll swims all on her own and the smile she gets when watching is priceless. Watch this cool video that shows you a little of what this cool interactive swimming doll can do….



This adorable doll is available in three different options…. there is blonde, brunette and curly. They are all so adorable and I know that Scarlet would love to have them all.



This adorable doll comes with accessories as well. She has her swim flippers, a comb, hair clips and swim goggles! This is so cute and a great way to create some fun interactive play for the little ones. This is recommended 3 years plus…. and Scarlet is not quite that old so we play with her when in the bath simply until she is old enough to play with her on her won. Check this adorable doll out from Baby born today….. a fabulous gift for the little ones! She is available at stores nationwide and on Amazon!


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  • denise low

    This doll is so cute, My granddaughters would love to have this doll. They would love to take her to the pool.

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