What Are the World’s Most Romantic Destinations for a Honeymoon?

There is always so much that goes into planning a wedding that once the day finally arrives, all the happy couple can think of is getting away to that idyllic romantic spot they’ve chosen especially for their honeymoon. This day was long in the making and now it’s time to say goodbye to family and friends for a time, however short, to spend time together as husband and wife. If you are planning your wedding, do you know where you’d like to escape to after the music stops and you bid your farewells? Why not consider honeymooning at one of the most romantic spots on earth? I love Turkey and there you can find thousands of guided tours are available in Turkey escorted tours through hundreds of tour operators, ranging from 21-day grand tours that cover the entire nation to half-day tours of Istanbul. More places that are perfection are:

Italy in the Summer

Italy is breathtakingly beautiful at any time of year, but the peninsula is especially inviting during summer months when you can enjoy the coastal waters from a honeymoon villa you’ve chosen for those honeymoon days that come only once in a lifetime. With some of the world’s greatest masterpieces housed throughout the country, there is no end to the works of art you can explore while spending your evenings alone watching the waters gently slap against beaches below, as you are situated in a villa above, drinking champagne and eating foods you’d only dreamed of back in the States. This is heaven, no matter how you look at it – a true delight for the senses.

Hawaii for Secluded Fun in the Sun

When you think of a Hawaiian honeymoon, don’t get lured into the tourist traps, as so many young couples do. There are plenty of secluded destinations especially well suited to honeymooners and you can easily book flights, find accommodations, and even get special deals if you time your travel plans well in advance. Check out the Hawaiian Islands on holidayshub.com where you can find affordable honeymoon packages to sweeten the deal. Don’t forget to attend an authentic luau during your stay. Honeymooners are always in for a big surprise.

Costa Rica with Something for Everyone

While most of us think coffee when we think Costa Rica, what honeymooners should be thinking is the literal translation of the country’s name: “rich coast.’ With the warm waves of the Pacific slapping up against warm sandy beaches at the coast and some of the greenest landscapes anywhere on earth in interior Costa Rica, there is something to do for people with all tastes. Those couples with an adventurous spirit can zip line across lakes nestled between high hills while those who enjoy an active nightlife can find plenty of clubs to spark an interest.

This is just a taste of what awaits you when planning your honeymoon. The only advice would be to start planning early to get the best travel and accommodation rates, as well as knowing what to buy and bring so that you won’t be caught off guard. You have waited for this day your entire lives and now that it’s finally here, choose a spot that embodies the spirit of your romance and you will have a honeymoon to remember always. The key is in choosing the right place at the right time of year, so start planning today.


  • Ann

    I think that in a way, almost any destination or locale can be romantic… especially for an occasion/getaway such as a honeymoon! Not everyone (myself included) can afford to visit their dream destination. But it’s so wonderful, how many options we have. A private cabin or B&B not far from home, or a National Park.
    Last thing (promise!): Love how you highlighted the importance of “choosing the right place at the right time of year.” Great tip!

  • Becky Kinard

    I would be taking a second honeymoon and have not been to any of these places. Beautiful pictures and great information. Thanks.

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