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Great Tips for Achieving Your 2018 Beach Body

Whether you’ve already booked a sun-soaked vacation for the fast-approaching spring break, or you’re eyeing up a permanent place on a sun lounger come the summer months, putting a little effort into how your body looks can boost your confidence. It can leave you looking and feeling fabulous when you take to the sands in your swimsuit. Winter had already moved into spring, so now is the time to exercise, diet, pamper and preen yourself to perfection. Below are some top tips for building a beach body and managing your full-body makeover program for this summer’s frolics.

Diet for Weight Loss

Losing a little bit of weight before donning your swimwear for some beach-based antics can range from hard-core dieting to exercising a little more control over how many sweet treats you consume on your run-up to the holiday season. In either case, watching what you eat is paramount to weight loss, and you’re able to play loose and fast with just how strict you are with yourself. There are various sites out there that give people useful tips and news in the world of fitness and health, to not only get the perfect body for summer, but after that too- sites like Wisdoms of Health do this well by being informative about what’s new.

Diet plans often move in and out of fashion, and some simply won’t work with your unique metabolism and body mass. For this reason it’s a good idea to research and try a range of different diets as well as checking the major options, like whether Nutrisystem works as a diet which would help you to lose weight steadily. Katie from doctor4u agreed “Diet is as important if not more than exercise, if you’re constantly at the gym but eating high saturated fat and sugar you will find it incredibly different to get into your ideal shape.”

Exercise for Muscle Tone

Toned muscle is denser than fat, which means getting toned can lead to a slight weight gain -but trust us, you’ll not regret building this kind of muscle. Toned arms, legs, buttocks, and bellies are exactly what you’re looking for when the layers start coming off in beach season. Everything holds firmly in place, and you’ll be left looking young and healthy instead of slightly sagging.

To get this look, you’ll need to exercise with some specific workout regimes in mind. Asking a supervisor at the gym or researching online are good ways to learn some specific exercises that you can use to target your less-toned areas, though you’ll overall be looking at light-weight repetitive reps or longer swims, runs, and cycles.

One of my friends is a bodybuilder and has found that using steroid alternatives like SARMs has really boosted his energy levels, allowing him to workout that little bit harder. If you’re looking for extra ways to help build muscle and gain strength then doing some research into websites such as SARMs for sale might be a good place to start.

Build that Base Tan

An essential stage in the pre-beach plan for the pale-skinned, but equally useful and pragmatic for those with a darker complexion, is visiting a tanning salon. While you should avoid overuse – it can be a dangerous habit – it may be a smart idea to train your skin for the UV exposure it’ll be under when you eventually sink your toes into the sand.

Avoiding ugly and uncomfortable sunburn, you’ll also be able to build the most comprehensive and full-body tan by visiting a salon with sun beds. Wave goodbye to awkward tan lines on your feet and shoulders, so that you’re a model of elegance and uniformity when you hit the beach in the summer.

Care for Your Skin

Other than building up a slight base tan (and being careful not to overdo it), there’s plenty you can do to make your skin positively glow under the rays of the sumptuous summer sun. It comes down to a mixture of skin-friendly products and skin-enhancing foods which, when taken in tandem, will produce startling results for your upcoming beach luxuriating, giving you an energized and attractive palette free from blemishes.

While skin products, like diets, are often specific to certain types of people with certain dermatological needs, the food that can make your skin soft, supple and fresh-looking can be easily researched and added to your regular diet to enhance your full-body magnificence for when you’re putting your skin on display. Also, skin friendly products like outdoor tanning lotions or oils applied to the skin can ensure nourishment and prevent irritation in the sun while speeding up that beautiful glowing tan that we are all working towards.

Plan Your Hairstyle

Changing a hairstyle can feel like quite a radical thing to do, or it might be something you enjoy regularly doing. You might enjoy playing around with exotic dyes, tailoring your look to popular contemporary styles, or simply leaving it as it is, comfortable in a style that you decided suits you the best. Whatever the case, planning ahead when it comes to your head of hair is a good idea when considering your full-body improvement regime.

At its most basic, this will involve getting yourself restyled just before you hit the beach. Beyond that, you might consider braids or extensions that’ll have you looking a little more ‘beach bum’ in the surfer sense or some glossy hair dyes that’ll cast your hair in blinding shades of color when it catches the summer sun. Don’t neglect your hair when thinking about your upcoming beach body, and you’ll be adding the shimmering cherry to the cake of your bodily efforts.

Pamper and Preen Yourself

As if you needed an excuse, the advent of the sunnier months is the perfect time to sharpen up on those little details that you can let grow a little disheveled when you’re all wrapped up against the cold of winter. You might choose to head to some salons, get your friends together for some self-care sessions, or take your operation into a nice soapy bath – in any case, leave no stone unturned in your search for an immaculate beach body. You may choose to indulge in a manicure, for example!

Beyond the obvious, there’s everything from piercings to tattoos, make-up experimentation to body oils to put the finishing touches on the body you’ve worked hard to refine to your own unique goals and specifications. It’ll give you that extra ‘oomph’ when strutting your stuff in your summer swimwear.

As the excitement builds for the upcoming summer months, and layers begin to be shed in light of higher thermostats and warmer temperatures, it’s time to begin your journey to the ultimate beach body that conforms to how you’d like to look when summer swings around.

Bear in mind these tips; they will guide you through your full-body preparation to achieving a stunning beach body. However, it’s important to remember that it’s you who should set your own standards. After all, you’re hoping to develop confidence and comfort in yourself, and this ultimately depends entirely on what you feel looks best!


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