How to Host the Perfect Christmas Dinner without Cooking

How to Host the Perfect Christmas Dinner without Cooking

How many times over the years have you lamented the fact that you’ve spent so long and worked so hard preparing Christmas dinner that it’s taken all the fun out of the most exciting holiday of the year? Most women are actually so tired by the time dessert is served and the gifts are given that they miss out on all the fun. This year, why not host an absolutely perfect Christmas dinner without cooking?

Spiral Hams to the Rescue

Okay, so you ‘may’ need to get out the slow cooker, but that’s not really cooking, is it? Spiral hams can be purchased already dressed and baked so that all you really need to do is put them in a large slow cooker to warm them up. That’s not really cooking, is it?

Party Platters from Your Local Deli

Many hosts order party platters a few days prior so that they can have a wide assortment of cheeses, crackers, veggies, and dips available for appetizers as the guests arrive. Some of these have the most amazing dips and are often what guests remember most about the meal.

Flatbreads, Wraps, and Dips

In recent years, vegetarians have made some pretty awesome dishes popular. Hummus is one of those treats that was virtually unheard of just a decade or two ago. Pita bread and hummus are a real treat, along with a bowl of spinach and artichoke dip to be served with tortilla chips. Then there are those wraps that have become so popular. They are spread with cream cheese, layered with ham or turkey and a sprinkling of parsley for color. Wrapped as a pinwheel, these are some of the most delicious appetizers this side of heaven.

Christmas Cookies Galore

Every town has a bakery, doesn’t it? Why not order some delectable Christmas cookies from your local bakery instead of spending weeks baking prior to that much-anticipated holiday dinner? In fact, you can even shop at stores like Walmart for lovely little cookies that no one will ever know you didn’t personally bake – that is, of course, if they didn’t buy the very same ones themselves.

The Birthday Cake Tradition

There was a time when no family would ever even think of sitting down to a Christmas dinner without wishing the baby Jesus a happy birthday. It is, after all, the reason for the season. Now, Christmas has become so commercialized that many people have forgotten this tradition. If you want to have a birthday cake for baby Jesus in keeping with tradition, check out prices on allcakeprices.com to find an affordable cake you can serve.

Have Your Guests Bring a Treat

Potluck dinners are really big in America, so why not ask your guests to bring a treat? You’d be surprised at the tasty tidbits that show up on your table. Guests bring everything from zucchini nut bread to green bean casseroles or sweet potato bakes. There’s no end to the scrumptious dishes people will grace your table with.

So you see, you really can host the perfect Christmas dinner without ever once lighting the oven or turning on the stove. You may need to warm things up a bit, but again, that’s what slow cookers are for. Spend your holiday this year while never setting foot inside a hot kitchen. You deserve a holiday too, so enjoy.

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