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My Savvy Review Of The Accessories Depot’s High Fashion Leather Backpack

My Savvy Review Of The Accessories Depot’s High Fashion Leather Backpack

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I am in love with the High Fashion Leather Backpack from The Accessories Depot! I am seriously loving it! It has great pockets inside and it is amazingly roomy and can carry everything that I need as I run around with the kiddos and while running errands. There is an interior zipper pocket, an interior cell phone pocket and an interior slot pocket… which are perfect for my lip glosses and small perfumes. The shoulder straps are super comfortable and the look is adorable overall. I love the easy carry feature that this bag provides and the classic backpack look as it is always a winner. You can dress this one up or down and it is available in a ton of fabulous colors to match any and every outfit that you can throw at it. Something else that I thought I would give a considerable mention to are leather tote bags. Just like these leather backpacks that I am talking about, these tote bags are just as practical and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, you can never go wrong with leather and that’s the best part. Whether it is in the form of a tote bag or backpack, leather bags just look good.

Check out some of my favorites…..

The Power of The Right Hangbag

The power of having the right handbag is a real thing for sure. There is hardly a person out there that you will see that will not be carrying a bag as it is a necessity for the busy lives that we live today. You can see different people carrying things as simple as grocery bags to those toting around designer handbags that can cost a small fortune. Whatever bag it is that you use on a daily basis, the fact remains that it is probably the most important thing that you ensure that you take with you each and every day. Whether you are a man or a woman, an adult or a child…it is a fact that you won at least one bag and/or wallet to carry your essentials in on a daily basis.

Why Do You Need a Bag?

This question has a very obvious answer and it is that you need it to carry things, at least that is what the original purpose of your bag was supposed to be. In the early days they were a means to carry things such as food, clothes and more but in today’s modern society, a bag goes beyond being just a utility item. A Tote bag is still a popular choice among people. In the Victorian times…. handbags became the mark of a lady who carried little wristlets that contained her essential smelling salts, dainty handkerchiefs, hat pins and more. These little pull string pouches have come a long way since then. Now they are a mark of a well dressed and successful person.

Bags For Utility

For different people, a handbag means different things. For example…. an Office Worker will use it is a means of carrying all the information he or she may require while “on the go”. A handbag in such cases is more like a mini office with all of your work-related documents and items stored within.

For a Student – it is used for school or as a college bag or rucksack which holds all that the student needs for studying.

For a Housewife – the bag holds all that she needs for a day out while shopping or while hanging out with friends.

For a Tradesman or a Crafts Person it is his or her entire career in a bag. It is a mobile shop that carries all the tools of the trade that he or she may need for using throughout the day.

There are diaper bags and cosmetic bags, gym bags, duffle bags, messenger bags and Backpacks and each of these has its own use and style. But this is not where the story ends as bags are far more than just utility items for most of people.

Bags As a Symbol Of Success

Bags and handbags have immense snob value. Ask any upward mobile socialite and they will tell you how they distinguish themselves between class and crass by merely the bag or clutch that they carry. Handbags, wallets and briefcases are as much a symbol of success and wealth as the paycheck that you may flaunt. They are no longer just a utility item but a status symbol. They denote your social and financial status. A woman carrying a Birkin bag can expect preferential treatment everywhere that they go. Even the most snobbish of places will allow her entry without blinking an eye lid as long has she has a Birkin hanging from her arm. It should not be a huge surprise either that these handbags can cost thousands of dollars each! Even second hand high end bags are more than the cost of an average car or a truck. It’s no surprise that regardless of your social status, a high-end designer bag is desired by everyone. However, only the rich can afford such luxuries; not everyone has thousands to splash! Fortunately, for those of us who can’t afford such expensive handbags, many fake designer bags are available on the market, some with unbelievable quality and almost an identical appearance to the real thing! It’s no surprise that people take the opportunity to purchase a replica due to the status symbol that designer bags hold. So, if handbags are taken as a symbol of success, it is not too crazy of an idea for most of us to think nothing of the ridiculously high end bags that we carry and spend a small fortune on. If you wish to make your mark on the world, it is important to pay attention to the bag you carry.

Bags For Different Occasions

Handbags are not only important for defining a persons social and financial success but they are also defined by the occasions in which they are used. Yes, there are different bags that are appropriate for different occasions…. I mean you would not want to be seen with a tote bag at a wedding. No! that would be totally wrong! So, there are different bags for each occasion:

School bags, satchels and briefcases: these are best used to take with you to college, school, office or for work.
Shopping bags, Totes, Duffle: These are larger and best used for when there is a need to carry a lot of stuff like when shopping or going to the beach or park.
Evening, Party, Bridal: these bags are usually small with just enough space to keep essentials for a few hours. Evening bags are usually more ornamental with metal chains, a little bit of bling and are considered statement pieces. Bridal bags are meant for brides and are usually highly embellished pieces of art.

Birkin Is Not For Everybody

A woman of the world cannot have just one bag. Depending upon the occasion, she has to have several for different occasions, purposes and to accessorize with different dresses and outfits. Yes…. it is super important to make sure you match a handbag to your dress or special outfit to be considered smart and savvy. And, not all of us have enough money to buy a Birkin, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Burberry or Chanel bag, but we can still buy bags that look amazing and all at an affordable price.

So are you like me and looking for that perfect bag but at the perfect price? You have to check out The Accessories Depot! They have a lovely assortment of fashionable bags for all occasions and everyone is sure to find a few that they love. You can treat your self to 10% off as well! Plus receive FREE shipping!

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  • Sunny Flower

    wow the bag is simply beautiful. i love all the colors especially the light pink as its my favorite color. i like that the bags can be used by any one as it looks classy and very up fashion.

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