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How to Make Clear Custom Stickers 

Clear-backed custom stickers take your sticker game to an entirely new level. They’re suitable for outdoor and indoor use, strong as heck, and they’re sun-, scratch-, and water-resistant. What’s not to love? 

So, where should you begin? 

1. Upload Your Design 

The first thing you’ll need is a design—a catchphrase, a character, an illustration, a photo, or anything else you’d love to stick onto everything in your world.  

For the best possible results, we recommend a DPI of 300 and a PNG file type, as this will preserve the alpha layer making the clear background possible. JPEG images may leave you with a white background—beware of the mix-up. 

2. Choose a Size and Shape 

Once you’ve finalized the design for your custom stickers, it’s time to tailor a template to your needs. You can select circle, oval, square, rectangle, and freeform custom stickers, allowing you to use exactly what works best for you. 

The size will also be paramount. Do what you can to draft your image on a piece of paper just to get a sense of the scale you need before making the final call. 

3. Preview and Approve 

After making all the important decisions, you’ll be able to choose your sticker quantity and make your dream come true.  

Check out the final preview and make any necessary adjustments. This includes going back into Photoshop and adjusting things if necessary. Trust us when we say: the effort will be so worth it. 

Why We Love Clear Custom Stickers 

Who wouldn’t love having their pup, favorite character, or everyday mantra where they can see it? Clear stickers truly do it all, and high-quality stickers look and feel incredibly professional. 

The best part about custom stickers, of course, is everything you can do with them once they’re yours. A few of our favorite sticker ideas: 

*Branding and marketing 

*Decoration at home, at work, or in your favorite space 

*Bumper stickers, binder stickers, and laptop stickers 

*Fun gifts for your besties 

Custom stickers aren’t just a blast to use on your own—they make a huge statement, whether you’re throwing a party or trying to build your own enterprise. 

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