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Creative Ways to Use Your Time Between Destinations

Whether you’re in a lengthy line for customs or hanging out near your gate during a layover, there are a number of ways you can pass time in an airport. There is always the solid standby of reading a book or magazine; however, you should also pursue some more creative ways to use your time prior to your flight. You can indulge in some entertaining activities or dig into some productive pastimes that will enhance your traveling experience. Here are some creative ways to kill time while at an airport:


Get your blood pumping while you’re waiting around. Some airports have a designated gym that you can visit for a quick workout. If you don’t have gym apparel or don’t feel like breaking a major sweat, you can go for alternative forms of low-impact movement like walking laps around the airport. Bring a wearable step-tracker along, so you can count your steps and calories to gauge your level of activity in the airport. Fitbit has a family of fitness activity trackers for you to choose from, ranging in price and capability.

Catch Up On Work

Stay productive with the extra time you have on your hands while you wait for your flight. Bring digital tools with you that will aid your productiveness, like a tablet or smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S8 provides you with on-the-go convenience and a number of features for working remotely. For example, the smart S pen will let you take notes on the phone’s edge to edge screen, so you can annotate important documents or create quick, illustrative graphics. The affordable s8 will help you effortlessly tackle your work projects when you’re out of the office and on the go.

Culinary Indulgence

Airport food is no longer limited to fast food options, but now includes high-end restaurants and cafes. Take some time to explore the options of the airport you’re at to indulge in some of the local specialties. The airport in Austin, Texas, Austin-Bergstrom International, offers food that’s a homage to its roots, like Salt Lick barbecue. Seattle’s Sea-Tac Airport has an artfully-designed Beecher’s Cheese cafe, an acclaimed, local, artisanal cheese company endorsed by Oprah. There are even awards given for the best airport chefs and restaurants, through the Airport Food and Beverage association. Use your wait time to go on a culinary adventure, where you can discover and enjoy new varieties of food and drink.

Unwind + Relax

Use your wait time in the terminal to relax and get some well-deserved me-time. There are a number of airports that offer spa facilities and services for travelers. Even if your particular airport doesn’t have a designated spa, there may also be massage chairs, manicure stations or masseuse kiosks. You can also create your own spa experience with a sheet mask, essential oils and some ambiance music.

Art Crawl

If you are an art enthusiast, you should consider doing an art crawl within the airport terminal. All airports will display pieces of art that are created by local artists and represent the regional culture. Simply by wandering around the airport, you will have the opportunity to soak up some culture and view unique art fixtures.

As a traveler, there are many creative ways you can spend your time in the airport. You can accomplish work and exercise, indulge in relaxing activities and also pursue culture-based entertainment like eating and viewing art. When you consider the possibilities, you can get the most out of your time between destinations.

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