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Pet Packages: What Are Pet Food Bags Made Of? 

As a loving pet owner, you take great care in working out which food is the healthiest for your cat or dog. Good and healthy foods are primarily expensive. I have a great website that helps you save money on pet foods please visit There are many discount coupons available which will help you to save money. It is straightforward to use. You can redeem it directly and save a lot of money on pet food. However, have you ever stopped to think about the bags the food comes in?

Pet food bags can make a huge difference in the freshness of your food, but you also want to know if they can be recycled. 

To find out more, keep reading to learn more about what pet food bags are made of—plus, which ones can be recycled. 

What Are Pet Food Bags Made Of? 

It’s normal to wonder about what pet supply packaging is made of, since you want to be sure it’s safe for your cat or dog. 

Here are some of the most commonly-used materials in pet food packaging, but keep in mind this will vary based on your pet, the type of food you buy, and whether you’re buying a large bag of dog food, for example, or a small package of treats. 


Often, a pet food bag is made from paperboard. This is a strong type of paper that’s thinner than cardboard but thicker than a sheet of paper. 

This material is durable, but not always as strong as plastic. Sometimes, the paperboard is lined with another material to make it sturdier. 


You might not have heard of a material called polypropylene, but chances are, you have some in your home! It’s a type of plastic—one of the safest plastics that can be used with food, which is why it’s often used for pet packaging. 

It’s FDA-approved for use with food and also has a high heat tolerance. It’s also lightweight, strong, and keeps food fresh for longer, making it a good choice for large pet food bags that you’ll use over several months. 

Mixed Plastics 

Some food bags are made from mixed-plastic materials. You’ll often see plastics used for resealable pet treat bags or large containers that food might come in. 

Are Pet Food Bags Recyclable? 

As an eco-conscious pet owner, you’re likely to wonder if you can recycle the bags your pet food comes in. However, the answer depends on what the bag is made out of! 

Some plastics can be recycled, but some can’t—look for the recycle symbol to check. Paperboard can often be recycled, but not if it’s lined with plastic. 

As a rule, if you can’t easily rip the paper bag, then it probably can’t be recycled. 

Learn More About Pet Food Packaging With This Guide 

We hope you now know more about the wonderful world of pet food bags! While it’s not something most people think much about, it’s good to know—especially if you want to recycle them. 

If you’re ever unsure about a product’s packaging, you can always email the company before purchasing. They should be able to let you know exactly what the bag is made of and how to dispose of it. 

Pets are part of the family, so you’re smart to care about their food packaging! 

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  • Lauryn R

    It is pretty scary and crazy some of the ingredients that can be in pet food! I’m just glad that most companies have gone more natural and have real ingredients without all of the fillers now.