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Save or Splurge: Which Beauty Cosmetics and Procedures are Worth The Money?

With so many advancements in cosmetics and procedures, it’s hard to know where to put your money. It used to be the case that the best you could do from a cheap makeup display was a $1 lipstick – a cheap foundation would be a visual calamity. However, nowadays, so many brands and companies are fighting for a place on people’s dressers that the quality has upped its game. Even cosmetic procedures have completely upped their game, especially when you don’t have to take time off work to get them done. There are now non-surgical procedures that can be done over a lunch break and have you back to work within no time. For instance, some people use methods such as Coolsculpting and other noninvasive procedures as an alternative form of cosmetic therapy to give them the look they want and help them to feel comfortable and confident in their own bodies. With this in mind, what should you splurge or save on?

Eyeshadow: save

You may have heard plenty of online influencers discussing the extent to which an eyeshadow is pigmented. It used to be that only real high-quality brands would be able to achieve a decent amount of pigmentation; however, nowadays you’ll find the same on the high-street.

Foundation: splurge

Cheaper foundations are certainly leveling up to their makeup counter alternatives, but the quality can still be seen in a professional brand. Not only do professional companies offer a wider range of skin tones to match with, but you will also find the consistency to match your skin type.

Under-eye surgery: splurge

There’s one thing for certain; you should never scrimp on cosmetic surgery. If you are looking for that dream fix, it’s well worth saving your money for it. Going to a professional will save you money in the long-run – as you won’t need to go and get it corrected. If you are based in Australia, for example, then it’s absolutely not worth your time hopping overseas for a cheaper alternative. You are much better enquiring at for under eye fillers in Sydney.

Under-eye cream: save

You might be surprised to know that dark circles under your eyes are more likely to be a result of circulation – not tiredness. Dehydrated skin can also create an ashy or dark appearance. Therefore, all that’s needed is a cold compress, a cream that hydrates the skin under your eyes and maybe some ingredients to wake up the surrounding area like caffeine – none of which need to break the bank.

Face oil: splurge

Face oils for winter are a very personal product. Depending on your skin type, some face oils could cause acne, while others may completely vanish. However, where you need to splurge is if it contains an anti-aging component such as retinol. These creams are pricey, but this will signify its likelihood to work.

Face cleanser: save

A good cleanser should be able to clean away sebum, makeup, and other dirt without leaving any residue. You will see many expensive brands claiming to have a ‘melt-away’ balm – that is just a cleanser. You can find plenty of drug store alternatives that don’t cost a fortune and will do the job effectively. If you have acne-prone skin, a swipe of micellar water should pick up any leftover makeup after cleansing.

If you want to look great and use your money when it counts, follow the research. Large high-street brands are likely to produce effective products because they have the research to fund it. Equally, a qualified plastic surgeon will be far more trustworthy than a cheaper, less experienced practitioner.

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