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Checklist of Moving Road Trip

Moving by road might look simple and easy, but it’s not the case. It requires thorough planning, especially for long-distance moves. If it’s your first moving road trip, you can seek the help of moving companies. Some people feel that they’re a road trip pro, but moving a road trip doesn’t only involve driving the truck, but it also includes creating a checklist to save money and time. 

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and safe moving road trip, then this guide is for you. So, don’t go anyway and keep reading these tips to make your road trip enjoyable and economical. 

Moving Road Trip Checklist

After following this checklist, you can turn your moving into a fun family trip. 

1) Prepare a Backup

When you rent a moving truck from a reputable company, they’re usually reliable. But if you’re moving long-distance, you can’t predict what will happen during your move. The best practice is to take your moving vehicle to a mechanic a day before moving and ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top shape. Ask your friend to follow you in their personal car. It will ensure that you have someone at your back for help if anything goes wrong. 

2) Pay for Roadside Assistance

Rental companies offer this service along with moving trucks. It’s essential to get this service, especially for a long-distance move. If you’re moving in your personal vehicle, then you won’t get roadside assistance. 

3) Be Realistic with Your Time Frame 

If your moving distance is just 500-600 miles, then you can get there in one day. But if the moving distance is 1500 miles or more, then divide your journey into three days. If you don’t get proper rest, you’ll not be safe. When you’re tired, and you continue driving, you put yourself and your family at risk. Sleep well at night before the moving day. 

4) Understand State Laws

You might be familiar with the laws of the state you live in, but it’s equally important to learn the rules of a new state in which you’re moving. Each state has different laws for speed limits and putting kids on car seats. When you understand the regulations, you can protect yourself from massive fines. 

5) Book Your Reservation

If you’re moving long-distance, ensure that you book hotels for stay in advance. Moreover, ensure that they have space for truck parking. Otherwise, it won’t be easy for you to stay in that hotel. When you leave your moving truck and the personal vehicle in the parking, ensure that they’re locked. 

6) Pack Snacks and Drinks 

When you purchase food from rest stops, you’ll have to pay the double price because they’re expensive. When you travel with children, ensure that you pack snacks and plenty of water. It can help you save time and money. 

7) Prepare Your Entertainment Stuff 

Long-distance road trips can easily make you tired. Therefore, you need something to manage boredom. Before the moving day, prepare a music playlist and add songs that everyone enjoys. Ensure that everyone has their separate headphone so that they can listen to whatever they want. If you love reading books, then download some books in soft form to make your time valuable. 

8) Avoid Rush Hour

Some cities have more traffic than others, and you can’t avoid all, but still, you can avoid cities with the most traffic. Therefore, it’s essential to schedule your driving time. During rush hour, you can take a rest and enjoy your food. 

9) Be Prepared for Changing Plans

You might feel that you have the best planning for your road trip, but you might need to change it considering the traffic, emergency, and other factors. You must be mentally prepared for extra expenses that can appear during the trip. These expenses can be of unplanned hotel stays, food, emergencies, and fines for violating the laws. 

10) Stop Frequently 

This step is for those who’re traveling with kids and pets. Pets can quickly get tired or bored during a trip. Therefore, you need to stop frequently. It will help your pet to do the business and relax. By doing this, you can also take a rest. Moreover, you need to pack an essential bag for kids and pets. This bag will help in an emergency, and don’t forget to add a first-aid kit to the bag. 

Final Words 

When you plan a road trip, you need to keep lots of things in mind. Most people don’t even know these things when they plan their road trips. Therefore we have compiled this guide to help those who’re planning to move by road. After following this checklist, you can ensure your safety and enjoy your move. More importantly, you can make your move cost-effective. We believe that this guide was helpful for you.

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