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Outdoor Cleaning Is A Breeze With Mean Green! #MeanGreen @MeanGreen_Clean

Outdoor Cleaning Is A Breeze With Mean Green! #MeanGreen @MeanGreen_Clean

This is a Mean Green sponsored post and all opinions are 100% my own.

Summer is officially here and I am loving the beautiful weather that we have had in the Northeast so far this spring and summer. There have been so many gorgeous and sunny days and the temperatures have been warm but not too hot and humid, which I absolutely love. With that said, my family and I have been cleaning and organizing our outdoor patio and outdoor furniture to get our outdoor entertaining space spruced up and ready for friends and family to come over, as I love to entertain and cook. Maintaining your homes exterior is crucial if you enjoy hosting guests as much as I do after all! Consequently, everything needs a clean down, from our grill and outdoor cooking griddle, to our extra plastic chairs that are perfect for pulling out when extra guests come over, to our outdoor furniture and side tables, and more. By more I kind of mean the exterior of our home, as it’s looking less than satisfactory at the moment. The family was going to take care of our yard cleaning and furniture, but I’m thinking we better leave the house to a company that can complete Home Soft Washing jobs so nothing is missed! (You also have to be wary about the cleaning of materials you don’t know much about, as you can end up doing more harm than good!). Anyway, I’m going to love it when it is all done and my family and I can go out and cook a delicious grilled meal and sit outdoors to enjoy every bite. A clean and beautiful outdoor space is perfection to me and that is why I love partnering with Mean Green as their cleaning products make it so very easy to clean and prep everything for the summer season so that my family and I are ready to enjoy all that the summer will bring. Mean Green gets the job done and they make it so easy.

Now let me tell you about all that Mean Green can do for you and your home. Mean Green products are made to be amazingly versatile so that not only are they extremely easy to use but also amazingly effective in helping to clean up the outdoor spaces around you home as well as the interior of the home itself. Mean Green products are perfect for cleaning your deck and patio, your garage, the siding on your home and all of the items that you use outdoors, such as your grill and outdoor griddle, your outdoor cooking area and counters, your outdoor patio furniture and tables, your coolers, camping equipment, and so much more. My husband even uses this to clean off his tools occasionally as well and it is perfect for cleaning the exterior of his lawn tools, such as the body of the lawnmower, tiller, leaf blower, etc. This has become for us a must have cleaning product as it works beautifully and makes cleaning a breeze as the dirt simply wipes away. Check out the before and after shots of a few of our coolers that were left outdoors over the winter. They looked brand new when we were done and I was loving it.

My coolers were pretty nasty looking after the winter season as we had accidentally left them out on our patio all winter. Allen started with our smaller hand held cooler and I really wasn’t sure if it would even look half decent when we cleaned it but Mean Green Super Strength Cleaner and Degreaser did the trick and cleaned them perfectly. We simply sprayed the inside and outside of the cooler generously with Mean Green, let it sit for a few minutes and then wiped it down. Allen finished it off with a quick rinse of the hose and we dried it again to ensure it was ready for our many trips to the beach.

Our small handheld cooler looks awesome and Mean Green made it so easy to do.

Now onto our larger cooler with wheels. Unfortunately it was also left out over the winter and it had a bit of water in it before we cleaned it so I was worried it may be ruined for good.

You can see the horrible discolorations from the elements and more plus the inside was a real mess. The inside actually looked worse than the top featured in this photo so I truly thought it was a goner. We cleaned this one the same as the smaller cooler above, rinsed it out and then hand dried it and it came out beautifully. I was ready to throw in the towel on this one but my husband knew that Mean Green would do the trick and it did not disappoint.

Look how gorgeous our large cooler came out! It too is like new. This is perfect for a long day at the beach or a visit to the park with lunch in tow and now we can still enjoy our large cooler thanks to Mean Green and its effectiveness.

Mean Green also does an amazing job at cleaning our grill and outdoor griddle. I cannot clean my griddle surface with this as the griddle is seasoned to perfection but it keeps everything else on my griddle squeeky clean. I also used this for my grill and outdoor furniture and it worked equally as well as it did on my coolers and griddle.

So as you can see Mean Green truly makes Summer clean up a breeze & the uses are endless. Besides your kitchen, bathroom and outdoor patio…. Mean Green Super Strength Cleaner & Degreaser is perfect for pre-treating laundry stains such as food, grease, oil, dirt, blood, grass or any other mystery stain you can imagine, plus it is perfect for cleaning and degreasing all your recreation equipment, grease and grime on tools, engine parts, sports gear, ATVs, and lawn equipment plus even for cleaning carpets and upholstery in your home. Be on the lookout for your nearest retailer that carries Mean Green. You can find one here.


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Have You Ever Used Mean Green? If So Tell Me All About It & If For Some Reason You Haven’t…. What Are You Waiting For? Check Them Out And Try Them Today For Your Spring Cleaning Needs. As Always, Thank You For Visiting Deliciously Savvy and Leave Some Comment Love While You Are Here. I Always Love To Hear From You!


  • MD Kennedy

    I love Mean Green, particularly Orange Champ. Not only is it effective, but it smells so good!

  • Lauryn R

    I love Mean Green, it works really well! I didn’t know that they had such a wide line of products though, I will definitely have to check them all out now! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  • June S.

    (Outdoor Cleaning Is A Breeze With Mean Green! #MeanGreen @MeanGreen_Clean) I love using the Mean Green line of cleaning products in our home. They all work real well too. I do like that grease cutting one for my kitchen stove after the husband has been cooking on it. It’s a life and time saver using it. 🙂

  • Akamatra

    It’s always useful to have a great cleaner for the outdoors. I usually have one I DIY with vinegar, but this looks great for tough work!

  • Sue E

    We have used the Mean Green Orange Champ before. It was on sale at a home improvement store near our home. I didn’t Know that it had different types of Mean Green, because all I have seen at that store was the Mean Green Orange Champ. This is good to know, because your cooler does look like brand new! Remarkable! Thank you for sharing!

  • Renata - www.byemyself.com

    While this stuff seams to be very powerful – how environmentfriendly is it? It has ‘green’ in its name, but I wonder what the chemicals are here. I’m very cautious with all these things and use only bio-degradable materials. If that’s the case here – right on!

  • Carol Cassara

    I’ve never tried using this brand before! Sounds like it’s effective when it comes to cleaning. I love that it does more than what’s expected and more! I wouldn’t mind getting a few of these for our home.

  • David Allen Elliott

    I’m always looking for good cleaning products. I know some products do a so so job but this looks pretty great. I had never heard of mean green before. They look like something I should check out.

  • Melissa Storms

    I haven’t tried the Orange Champ yet but Mean green is so good I am going to have to pick this up too.

  • Kristi

    We have a cooler that’s very similar in style and also how dirty it is. I’m amazed how clean yours was after, I need to try the Mean Green for ours.

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