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Top Hair & Makeup Trends Of 2020

With summer here and in full swing…. I have been on the hunt for the latest and greatest in hair and make up trends so that I can make sure I am looking my best at all times. It’s time to trade in those long sleeves, sweaters and pants for short sleeve tops, shorts and breezy dresses….so continue reading on to learn about latest and greatest in hair and make up trends for 2020.

Sustainable Beauty

The rise in climate change awareness has caused many to be more eco-conscious about their routines, especially when it comes to beauty. Many brands now look to source sustainable ingredients for using in their products as well as packaging that is recyclable so whether you’re all about skincare and limiting your skincare routine to ingredients that your skin truly needs or you can’t give up your multi-step beauty routine, rest assured that there are plenty of fabulous products out there for the environment-first mindset.

You can also use multi-purpose products that can be used for multiple things and which reduces consumption overall. This Nars The Multiple Stick ($39) can be used as blush, bronzer, eye shadow, lip color, you name it. It is fabulous and picking the perfect color that can be used in multiple ways is key. Another one that I love is the Lilah b. Virtuous Veil Concealer & Eye Primer ($44) which both corrects and preps the eye area for more makeup, which is something I love. When it comes to skincare you can also find multiuser products such as the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Color Smart Cleanser & Mask ($28) which is priced beautifully and that takes care of so many of our skincare issues.

Flipped Out Hairstyles

Flipped out hairstyles are all the rage right now. I have seen them everywhere and most recently on Good Morning America….as well as other fabulous beauty and style websites. This styling technique can be applied to pretty much any hair length or style and it offers a fresh and fun finish to any style. This hair style is best for slightly wavy to straight hairstyles and are perfect for women growing out their layers and even more perfect for those that do not want to spend a ton of time styling their hair. One of my favorite flipped out looks is the iconic ponytail with a fun flip out on the ends.

Flipped out hairstyles look really flattering on narrow or thin face shapes, and they help to add volume in fine, thin or medium hair types which I love. The ends can be flipped out using a round brush when blow-drying, or a curling iron/ rollers on dry hair. The choice is yours as each method will give a slightly different look and the end result is a hot look that will get you noticed for sure.


Bangs are everything for 2020 and I could not be happier! I am going to get a cut and add some bangs to my look as they are a great alternative to Botox if that is something you have been considering. For me this is perfection as I have my first set of wrinkles between my eyes and some fresh bangs will help to cover them up all while making me feel young and fresh due to the new fresh style that I will be sporting. There is lots of diversity here too…. think short baby bangs, to full, long fringes that touch the top of your eyebrows, and sexy, choppy fringes which is the look I am going for. I like my bangs to sweep a bit to the side as well because you can enjoy different looks depending on how you style them. I am also going to be on the lookout for the top hair extensions 2020 so that I can add some volume and fullness to my many different hair styles which keeps it fresh and fun. For those of you not comfortable going to the hairdresser’s due to COVID, consider buying some home hairdressing scissors and cutting bangs yourself or getting someone close to do it for you. Make sure to do some research first and always take off less than more first.

CBD Beauty

I am obsessed with CBD Beauty Products as they provide the results I am looking for. The CBD beauty industry is booming and will get even bigger through education and transparency as brands hope to abolish confusion around cannabinoids and the amazing results these great CBD infused beauty products can provide. I have a wonderful CBD Infused Night Cream that works wonders on my skin and I just recently picked up a CBD infused Lip Balm and a fabulous CBD Primer for my skin too. 

Blush Is Back

This is a trend that I never stopped living by but am grateful that it is back and super trendy too. Blush is finally having its much deserved moment and it is by far one of the most underrated m makeup products that everyone needs. It can completely transform your look, from looking tired and well, less alive, to more youthful and glowy. This year, blush is all about bringing a healthy flush to your look which matches and flows with your lids and your lips. Choosing the perfect shade is a must too and one of may absolute favorite colors for my cheeks is Warmth by Bare Minerals. It is perfect for all skin tones too as it just adds a sun kissed look to your face.

Healthy Full Brows

The days of super thin brows are long behind us as perfectly sculpted full brows are so in! The trend for grown-out, bushy brows is everywhere, and the more brushed-up and natural the brow looks, the better. There are lots of cool techniques like brow lamination, that are rapidly gaining popularity with their ‘I woke up like this’ brow look that instantly adds volume and shape. Good brows frame the entire face 

French Manicures

French manis started making their comeback last year a d this year they are even hotter! While the classic look is back, you will see lots of bold trends with colorful and multi-hued tips, crystals and glitter, as well as French mani alternatives. I have always loved a clean fresh French Manicure and there is no better time to enjoy this classic clean look with new updated hues that make it modern and fun!

So what do you think of these top hair and makeup trends of 2020? Are you like me and looking for the hottest in trends so that you can mimic them and have fun dressing up for anything and everything? These are the hottest of trends and there is more too so be on the lookout and check out other savvy beauty posts live on Deliciously Savvy today! Thanks for stopping by and comment below with your favorite 2020 beauty trend.


  • Laura Summers

    At the moment I am super desperate to see my hairdresser – it looks like another month at least. But I am loving my bangs at the moment. Love reading about blush too as I am quite a fan of that, as well as sustainable beauty I think we all need to be invested in that for the future.

  • Serena R Hale

    Her hair in the sustainable beauty picture is beautiful. French manis are some that look wonderful on others but not so much on me. Maybe I will try it once again.

  • Dan "Jay" Reyes

    It’s nice of you to share the top hair and makeup trends in 2020. These are cool stuff, especially to the ladies 🙂

  • Ashlee

    I doubt anyone was as happy as I was when bangs came back lol. I’ve seen and read so much on CBD products, but I haven’t tried any yet.

  • Melanie williams

    These are spot on! Sustainable beauty is on the rise for sure, as people are more responsible about where their products are coming from x

  • Rosey

    I remember years ago when people were getting their brows tattoos so skinny on their face. I wondered if they thought thin brows would stay in style. Trends always change!

  • Jay Aguirre

    Ooh these all sound like awesome and beautiful trends. Thanks for letting everyone know! Looks super stylish

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