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How To Choose Your Home Design Style

There are people out there who know what styles they love and what suits them and their home, and they instinctively gravitate towards it, whether it be scandinavian house plans, Italian, Japanese, French, or anything else, it all comes down to what people prefer. It might be vintage or ultra-modern with high-quality shutters from Shuttercraft to tie the whole designs together. It could be minimalist or full of color and life. What they like and what they want isn’t the issue; the point is that they don’t spend ages trying to work out what might or might not work for them.

Then there are other people who have a much harder time of it. Even if they’ve finally found their dream home with the help of a bridging loan, they don’t know what to do next! They might like a number of different styles, each one different but each one beautiful in its own way. This can cause problems because when it comes to renovating their home, they may find it hugely difficult to decide what to do. It can delay things, or even make the entire project a confused and costly enterprise, trying one thing and then another, or you can end up having a lot of different styles in one building.

If the latter sounds like you, then this article should help you choose the design style that will work best for you, and for your home.

Look At Your Life

To begin with, it’s important to look at your life for ideas and hints about what could work for you. What is your clothing taste like, for example? Is it muted and elegant, or is it bright and bold, eye-catching and exciting? This is a great place to start as you already know that you enjoy and can live with whatever style it is that you have chosen when it comes to fashion. Don’t forget when you’re designing your home to have someone similar to norcross local locksmith at hand if you accidentally lock yourself out of your home in progress.

Then you should take a look at what you will do in the home. Do you spend a lot of time there; do you work from home, for example? Or are you out more than you’re in? It can make a big difference when it comes to the décor of your home. If you are there a lot you might opt for comfort over style, and if you tend only to come home to eat or sleep you can pick something that is designed to look good, even if using it for a large amount of time won’t be desired. Of course, you can choose furniture that does both, such as the gorgeous items at eroomservice.com.

What about your kitchen? Are you an amateur chef or do you prefer to order takeout or dine in restaurants? Is your cooking functional or is it fancy? You need to look at what equipment you are going to need and how much space and then design around that.

Get Inspired

If you’re truly unsure as to what is going to work best in your home, or even what you might be happiest to live with, you should leave the building entirely. You’ll be able to think more clearly when the walls and floor do not surround you that you are hoping to change for the better. Not only this but when you’re out in your neighborhood, you can take a good look at other people’s designs. We’re not advocating that you go sneaking up to people’s windows and peek inside, but if you can see something as you walk by, you could spot exactly the design feature you’re looking. You might come across a feature wall or a fireplace that looks ideal. Maybe you’ll spot some floating shelves or a floating staircase. There are many things that you can take note of, but it’s probably best not to ask if you can go in and take a better look though, as you don’t want to get in trouble!

Remember Your Vacations

This idea is an interesting one, but it could certainly work for you if you are undecided about what your home should look like once you’ve finished the decorating. Think back to a wonderful vacation you had; perhaps your favorite one of all time. What was the scenery like, and where did you go? What appealed? If you went somewhere tropical, was it the bright colors or the easy, relaxed feeling (or both), for example. Perhaps you could incorporate this into your design ideas. Alternatively, maybe it was the beautiful mosaics and patterns that can be found in places such as Turkey or Egypt. What about the stunning Tuscan scenery? If these were things you enjoyed when on vacation, why not bring some memories of that time away into your home?

Look At Magazines

Something that is easy to do, and fun too, is to grab as many interior design magazines as you can and leaf through them, tearing or cutting out the images that appeal. Don’t think too much about it, just work in instinct. When you’re done, take a look at the pile of paper you now have, and you should be able to see a pattern to give you an idea of what it is you really (even subconsciously) like best when it comes to interior design.

The images you have collected might all contain blue in some way, or be neutral, natural tones. It could be anything, but there will certainly be something that ties them together and gives you a good idea of what you need to be incorporating into your home. At the same time, you can eliminate anything that you don’t like, perhaps make a list as you go. Doing so will stop you from making buying decisions that you come to regret later. If you know what you absolutely must not have in your home, then you can focus on the positive items and décor instead.

Try An Online Quiz

There are hundreds, probably thousands, of websites that offer a variety of online quizzes to give you the opportunity to find out more about yourself. Some are no good at all, and in fact, you should be careful not to give too much information away as you might find that your identity is stolen. However, there are some that are excellent and will give you a really good idea of what will work best for you and suit you and your home. Search for quizzes online, and when you find one that you would like to take, Google the website to make sure it is safe before beginning. Once you get your answer, you can start creating your dream home.


  • Laurie Nykaza

    Great information really helps in making decisions on what I like in a home with styles and colors surrounding me. I hate to regret a purchase so doing your home work first is so important in finding your style.

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