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Optimize Your TV’s Speaker Performance With The 1byone Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Audio Soundbar

Optimize Your TV’s Speaker Performance With The 1byone Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Audio Soundbar

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My family and I are huge fans of movie night as it a great way for the family to spend some time together all while enjoying a new movie that none of us have seen, all in the comfort of our home. We try to get a movie night in once a week as it is always a great time spent picking out movies and then prepping our movie essentials like popcorn, drinks and some sweet snacks. We love watching it on the big screen in the living room and cranking the volume a bit so that the sound imitates the theater. Honestly, it never quite sounds as good as the theater which is why we have been looking into the different soundbars available to help optimize our TV’s sound and overall sound performance. That is why I was so excited to try the 1byone Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Audio Soundbar. It is a nice looking unit and it does a great job at optimizing our TV’s speaker performance.


You can see that the 1byone Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Audio Soundbar is a nice looking piece and it looks awesome mounted on the wall which is a lifesaver for us as we never seem to have enough room. The installation was a breeze and the unit comes with everything you need to get it set up. You can also sit this on your console or table if you prefer. 


The 1byone Stereo Wireless Audio Soundbar is not only nice looking but it works beautifully too. It has crisp high-quality sound with its 2.0 channel dual 20w speakers that are specially tuned for excellent high treble sound. I love that this has wireless Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to play music from a laptop, smartphone, tablet or MP3 player using Bluetooth it really provides a crisp high-quality sound that truly enhances your TV’s speaker system. The sound is definitely enhanced using this soundbar and it has really improved my families movie night experience. I also love to play music on it using my phone all while I am cooking and/or cleaning.

The 1byone soundbar comes with everything you need to get started and there are multiple port connections. You can connect using Aux (RCA), Line (3.5mm) and Optical (SC) inputs. You can simple press the LINE/AUX/OPT button to select the preferred source input. This 1byone soundbar also comes with a Comprehensive Warranty providing you with a 3-day money-back guarantee, a full 24 month warranty and friendly customer service.

So what do you think of the 1byone Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Audio Soundbar? I have a turntable by 1byone that I absolutely love and have used for quite sometime. It works beautifully and I have had it for quite sometime now. 1byone provides high quality products at reasonable prices and that is something that I truly love.

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