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5 Things you should know about buying cheap dog food

Good nutrition is essential for a healthy dog. You should ensure that you feed your dog with nutritious foods so that their immune system remains strong. In the long run, this will save you a lot in terms of less veterinary bills. You may find cheap dog foods that are also nutritious through doing research online. Networking with friends and family can also enable you to find nutritious foods for your dog.

Here are 5 Things you should know about buying cheap dog food:

1. Complete nutrition

You should check the ingredients of the food first. It should contain meat and have no fillers as these have no nutrition value. Watch out for preservative used because this can affect the dog health. Natural preservatives include vitamin C and E which also help to enhance the health of the dog, often found in raw pet food.

2. The life stage of the dog

You should be particularly keen when buying food for adult dogs and puppies. For puppies. Foods high in protein and calories are recommended. They will hasten the growth and development of the puppy. For adult dogs, they require regular food with the necessary nutrients to maintain good health and high energy levels. Remember to check the dog’s behavior when introducing a new type of food. The quantity required may differ depending on age, activity levels and breed.

3. Safety of the pet food

In case certain foods are considered unfit for health consumption, there will be warnings over the media warning pet owners to avoid buying such foods for their pets. You should be vigilant though some rumors about cheap dog foods may be untrue. Various websites have updates on foods that may not be good for pet consumption. You should check for updates on those websites.

4. Identify the cheapest online stores for dog food

In most online stores dealing with dog food, they stock a variety of foods. Most of them have cheap but nutritious foods for dogs of all ages. A small research on various brands will make it easier for you to identify good food for your dog. Some of the best dog food brands include Avoderm natural original, Nutrisource Lamb and rice and Solid gold among others.

5. Free samples and wholesale savings

Anytime you buy in bulk, you save a lot of money. This brings down the cost of dog food. But you must first know if the food is of good quality. That is why you should take advantage of free samples. Through surveys, and registering with a dog food company, you can easily get free samples first. You can then choose what is best for your dog and buy in bulk so that you save some money.

You may alternatively opt to cook dog food at home. This may consume lots of time and it is also hard to ensure that the dog constantly gets a balanced diet at regular intervals. Cheap dog food is therefore convenient for you. But you must identify the best through a small research. It is also advisable to regularly change the type of food you give to your dog to avoid monotony and diversify nutrients in the dog’s diet.


  • Tamra Phelps

    Considering how many recalls of pet foods we see these days, buying food just because it’s cheap seems dangerous. I love a bargain…so I will look for deals on good brands, though.

  • Sherry Abrams

    You are what you eat and the same thing goes for your dog as far as, being healthy! If you research your breed of dog, it will reveal what food is best for your dog.

  • Debra

    I am so glad the information is coming out about the lack of nutrition in some dog foods. I hope vets make a point with their client’s owners.

  • Lauryn R

    I would never buy cheap dog food for my dog! Our pets are like a member of a family, so we only feed them the best. These are great points, thank you so much for sharing! Not everyone knows the major disadvantages of buying the cheap stuff for your pets.

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