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4 Handy Tips for Exploring Your Spirituality

First of all, it should be known that, when it comes to spirituality, there are no right or wrong answers. Yet a lot of individuals can find the idea of exploration daunting, especially if they are surrounded by people who are firm in their own beliefs or perhaps have been brought up a certain way. If you’re feeling a little stuck when it comes to your spiritual beliefs and are searching for a feeling of enlightenment or epiphany, then let these 4 steps help you to become more at peace with your own spiritual stance.

1)Seek Understanding 

Maybe you’re in a position where you are uncertain of your spirituality, and you are looking for a little guidance. Perhaps you’re open-minded when it comes to religion and you’re willing to explore a variety of religious practices to find your place in a spiritual world. Charities such as IFCJ promote better understanding between Christians and Jews, for instance, meaning you can visit or spend time with charities and groups like these to learn more about the communication between various religions. 

If you want to seek better understanding we recommend you check out Ashlee Rose. She is a certified Access Consciousness instructor and coach with a proven track record of helping you get the desired results. 

2)Consider Your Personal Position on Spirituality 

It’s okay to not have the answers to all the questions or to fully know your opinion regarding religion and spiritual topics. However, a good place to start on your journey is to ask yourself some important questions to delve deeper into your own understanding of spirituality. That way, you can learn more about yourself and which direction you want your spiritual journey to take. 

Ask yourself: 

*What comes to mind when you think of God? 

*What comes to mind when you think of the afterlife?

*Which spiritual practices most appeal to you? 

*Which ones do not appeal to you?

Questions such as these can open your mind a little bit more to what you believe in, or how you feel about certain aspects of life. 

3)Does Religion Appeal to You?

A lot of people believe that religion and spirituality are the same thing but this is not the case. You can be spiritual without being religious. However, if you’re starting a path of spirituality and trying to find your place, you should ask yourself whether you are both religious and spiritual, or just spiritual. 

If the former, you may want to find the religion which most speaks to you. 

Starting the path of spiritual morality and discovering your religion can be hard and challenging. Most times you do not know where to start and whenever you start it is hard to stay dedicated and on top of what you have already learned. Luckily, there are many resources to help you stay organized and on the path. If you discover that Christianity speaks to you the most, you can turn to an adult group curriculum, which is a well-organized program of learning resources, videos, games, and much more. This strategy can be easily adapted to your needs and learning pace and will help you gain information in an interactive and engaging way.

4)Your Journey Is Your Own 

A lot of people grow up within a family which has a particular spiritual stance. It’s therefore easy to have your spirituality influenced by those close to you and end up following the same path by default.

It’s essential, however, to separate yourself from the spirituality of other people, and choose your own path. Try not to be influenced by the belief system of your close friends or relatives, and find your own way. It may be the case that you do discover that you have the same spiritual beliefs as your loved ones, but take the time to find out by yourself without automatically accepting the beliefs of others.

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