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Om Nom Nom! The Foodie Tour Of Europe


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Europe is well known for it’s variety of luxury food. From country to country you can find fresh delights to tantalize your taste buds. From German sausage to Spanish paella, there’s something for everyone to sink their teeth into. Europe truly is the center of the world’s culinary excellence. But where do you start?! Don’t worry; this post will be your guide. Below you’ll find a tour route through six countries, all for one purpose; food.



France is renowned for it’s culture and food. French food is usually hearty, with wine as a common ingredient. And speaking of wine; France is of course the world capital for wine, with thousands of vineyards and wineries.  If seafood is your thing, Finistere may be the place for you. With the largest fishing port in France, this town is perfect for any food lover. It’s close to Brittany, as well. So you don’t need to travel far to be in the thick of it. If you prefer beef, wine, and cheese, Burgundy will be right up your alley. The town plays host to several Michelin star restaurants. The region is famous for it’s beef and cheese production, with distinctive cream colored Charolais cows in every field. 



With Italian takeaway food being some of the most popular in the Western World, Italy has to come next. Visit Bologna, the birthplace of bolognese sauce and the home of dozens of luxury pasta and pizza restaurants. Or try Parma; a town famous for it’s ham and cheese filled pasta. Parma is also the birthplace of Parma ham. In pretty much any town in Italy, you can find high-class restaurants with delicious and unique dishes. Take a look at for some great foodie travel tips, for Italy.



For those with a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong in Switzerland. Swiss chocolatiers are revered the world over, and the country itself is famous for it’s delicious choccy delights. For cheese lovers, they also pioneered the art of fondue creation. Enjoy a meal consisting of pork and vegetables, all melted into cheese to be eaten with bread. All with a view of snow topped mountains and beautiful landscapes. Switzerland is the home of milk chocolate, and it’s people consume more chocolate than any other country.

The Czech Republic


The Czech Republic is another land for meat lovers. With a heavy focus on sausage, wurst, beef, chicken, and meat-filled dumplings in every meal, The Czech Republic can’t be beaten when it comes to heartiness. This region is also very famous for it’s lager and ale production. With popular brands like Budweiser being native to the country, anyone can find a drink they enjoy. The Czech Republic is also famous for it’s wine!



Restaurants in Germany have been heralded as being second only the to the culinary might of France. This is high praise, indeed. Germany is famous for it’s thousands of varieties of sausage, and also the abundance of fresh and unique bread available. As it stands, Germany is the world’s highest consumer of lager beer. And once you’ve tried their booze, you’ll understand. Beer has been made in the country for hundreds of years. The country has influenced brewery methods throughout Europe, making it the world’s capital for the amber stuff.



Most people think of chocolate when they hear the word “Belgium.” But the country can take credit for much more! It is argued that Belgium is the true origin of French Fries, and to back this up, their national dishes are steak with fries and mussels with fries. Back to chocolate! Belgium is truly the holy land for chocolate addicts. And being the birthplace of waffles, and of course, waffles with chocolate; Belgium is perfect for the kids’ pallet. Despite Germany holding the crown for king of beer, Belgium is home to the largest brewery in the world. Over a thousand different types of lager are brewed in Belgium.


So, there’s the route. Now all you’ve got to do is take it! To help plan your trip, use the Internet as a guide. You can find loads of great restaurants to visit, with even leaving your chair. Any trip of this nature should be well thought out; remember that you’ll need a lot of time to try everything these countries have to offer.

Enjoy the food, and have fun. If you fancy something different, you can always have a look around yourself. Use to lookup individual countries, and then use the cuisine section to see what sort of food the country is known for. This will give you some great ideas for meals at home, as well!



  • Lynne B

    I don’t know when I’ll be able to get to most of these wonderful places. So I’m going to find a recipe from each country to make at home!

  • Donna Cheatle

    I have a nephew who travels all over the world as part of his job. He tells me that they’re paying him to eat his way around the world. Every time he goes somewhere he posts his meals on facebook so that we can all live through his stomach, lol

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